Who is he?

Abadón or Abaddon (from the Hebrew Avadon meaning destruction or perdition) is the chief destroyer of the demons of the 7th hierarchy, symbolic grasshoppers that come out of the pits of the Abyss, with human head, woman’s hair, dandelions, scorpion’s tail , armed with iron breastplates and gold crowns. Therefore, some demongraphers considered him the cause of wars, conflagrations and cataclysms. In other words, Abaddon is the angel of destruction, that demon who commands the armies of plagues that occur after the apocalypse.

Ángel de la destrucción

History of his origin

Abaddon was the archangel of justice created by God to eradicate the sins of demons. However, everything changed when one day he observed humans and realized the thousands of sins they committed every day. Undoubtedly this was devastating for him since, as the angel of justice, he could not stay just looking without doing anything about it. He decided to go talk to God and the archangel Michael so that these two would give him permission to go down to earth and to punish the impure. God denied the request explaining that it is the nature of humanity to commit sins and that no one could change that.

Abaddon was surprised to see that they would not do anything about it, angry and disappointed he retired to think alone about how he could appease the evil in people. He came to a tragic conclusion, he must destroy sinners one by one, this would mean the death of thousands of innocent people no matter how serious or small their sin may have been.

Abaddon was charring in fire to each sinner who was in the middle, Michael saw this massacre and immediately went down to the ground to stop Abaddon.

Angel of Destruction

When he arrived he found many dead people burning on the ground: children, elderly, men and women, Abaddon had no mercy. Michael realized that that good archangel and defender of justice had died, Michael and Abaddon faced each other in a hard fight. With tears in the eyes Michael defeated him and by order of God he was expelled and chained to the depths of hell.


Abaddon, being the demon of destruction and perdition, his main mission is to destroy and assassinate every last human being left on the globe. Therefore, it will devastate humanity, especially those who do not have the seal of God printed on their forehead. This entity is found chained in the depths of the abyss by instructions of Lucifer.

Abaddon in the book of Revelation

Abaddon cannot be said to be an evil angel or demon, his is the domain of chaos and destruction, which knows no motives, nor is he corrupted by desire or aspiration. Without a doubt he is the end in himself, and its power is final and implacable as the destiny. In other words, there is no escape, because everything. (angels, demons, mortals, gods, dreams and universes) sooner or later comes to an end.


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