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Chronophobia: Causes, symptoms, treatment and tips

Chronophobia: What is it? Chronophobia is a type of phobia in which the greatest fear is the passage of...
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Cosmicattitude can be defined as: the attitude we adopt and how we interact in life with the energy that surrounds and guides us, how we attract the positive and the negative to our environment, by how we act and interpret the energy the Cosmos .

So it would be better before we continue to define the word Cosmos, which was originally a word used by the ancient Greeks to designate the totality of existence; The stars and the universe. Coming from the Greek verb «kosmen», which can be translated as “ordering”, the concept can be used to refer to an ordered system, opposing the definition of chaos.

Now astrology is defined as the study of the position and movements of the stars, their influence on people and the events of the world. Astrology studies the Cosmos and its influence on our lives, in the environment that surrounds us and how it affects us, and even how to take advantage of the positive and bear the negative. But the energy and wisdom of the Cosmos are not easy to predict or calculate, it is not an exact science that can be studied without the right knowledge. Many cultures, such as Mayan, Indian, Chinese, or Aztec, throughout history developed systems for predicting events that were based on astrology and the observation of the stars.

That wisdom has been transmitted for generations and in Cosmicattitude we now want to transmit it to all those people willing to believe that we can improve our existence, we can help ourselves and others, change lives, sow love and hope, understand and overcome our greatest fears taking advantage of the wisdom and understanding of the Cosmos, have a cosmic attitude.

Read, learn and share with Cosmicattitude the energy and wisdom of the Cosmos. Have a cosmic attitude all day.

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