The moon phases are the different illuminations that our satellite presents in the course of a moon cycle, being classified into 4 important phases, although there are others. From ancient times it is believed that the moon phases exert some influence on the tides, crops, animals, and even human emotions. From divination to popular and mythological legends, there is an atmosphere of superstition around the influence of the moon phases on people.

However, although there are studies that can affirm certain influences, it is not really known what directly influences or what the process is that makes these specific episodes take place.

Some theories in this regard refer both to the possible influence of gravity and to a higher level of light on full moon nights. 

Contrary to Dr. Mark Filippi, author of the Somatic Method, there is a connection between the moon phases and four basic neurotransmitters: 

  • First lunar week: acetylcholine
  • Second lunar week: serotonin
  • Third lunar week: dopamine
  • Fourth lunar week: norepinephrine (or norepinephrine).

New moon / First quarter Acetylcholine.

It is the first week of the moon cycle. We become more sensitive, apt to group activities and more receptive to the emotional. This week is characterized by a lot of energy, but little concentration, mainly because acetylcholine is associated with memory and learning. Therefore, it is considered that the new moon is ideal to start new projects, plant plants, ideas, images, intentions and take advantage of energy  upward. 

Influence of the moon

First quarter / Full moon Serotonin. 

It is the second week, the ontosomatic one, which has a lot of energy. It is recommended to find a solitary space to take advantage of the moments of lucidity in which serotonin participates such as, for example, the organic functions that regulate mood.

We can feel full, which can “overflow” if it is not channeled into a reflective space for work and personal cultivation. 

Full moon / Last quarter Dopamine. 

The week of dopamine, or the ecosomatic one, is a week of distraction and entertainment, involving social and ecological activities.

It is associated with the experiences and stimuli that produce experiences of pleasure, reward and excitement. In the week of dopamine we can loosen and enjoy what we have done.

 influencia de las fases de la luna

Last quarter / New moon Noradrenaline. 

The week of the exosomatic thing. It is said that there is a lot of analysis and little inspiration, because it is a hyperbinary, unidirectional and aggressive state. It is a return, although partial, to the reptilian brain: “If we do not squander our energy, it will be easier to overcome this week of nervous fragility.

Let’s take advantage of the different moon phases to plan our activities according to their influence so that everything we want is fulfilled!.


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