Sensitivity and introversion are the words that best characterize water signs. If you are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then you are part of this family of water signs. Characteristics, personality and love; we’ll tell you all about water signs!

The water element is essentially flowing, there is no way to stop it. Therefore, these signs adapt easily. At this time it is desirable to resonate with these characteristics since life is continuous movement.


Water represents life, purity and renewal. It is the element of sensations and sharpens your instinct. The rhythm of the water can be calm or agitated, as well as water signs in which, depending on the sign that rules them, emotions can change.  That’s right, the hypersensitivity manifested by water signs is so great that sometimes it is hard for them to contain their emotions. Repeatedly they get carried away by them like a tide that comes straight towards them and which they feel helpless against.

FIRST – Cancer: The extreme sensitivity which it starts with this week is for you to show how tender and understanding you are, as well as the ability to organize the goals in your work despite others’ opposition.

Water signs

SECOND – Scorpio: It’s time to start a dialogue with your partner with a desire to allow an exploration of feelings of all parties involved, especially if you have children or joint projects.

Water signs

THIRD – Pisces: You are in a period of deep review of your image, of your feelings, as well as what hurt you. In conclusion, assume a mature and serious attitude towards others; your friends will support and understand you.

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Love in water signs

 Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are definitely romantic people and very intentional with their partners. They feel comfortable with the sexuality they develop thanks to their intuition.

But nevertheless, lack of self-confidence is a characteristic of these signs. A stable relationship allows them to feel really comfortable with themselves and in this way they can do their best.