Mainly to know what your descendent sign is, you should know what a descendent sign is, how it is calculated and how you can use it. We will give you all the necessary information so you can use it in favor of your goals.

Descending sign: What is it?

First of all, the astrological descendent sign is based on the House VII, of the astrological houses. To clarify, this house is usually associated with relationships, associations, contracts and declared enemies.

In traditional astrology, the Descendent represents the spouse or partner. Thus, in a negative sense, the potential enemy, the one who is opposed to who we are, to our values, to our identity. To sum up, the Descendant is the one who completes us, in good and evil.

On the other hand, some say that the descendent shows the type of person we attract to be our partner, sometimes even literally.

descendent sign

Descendent sign: How is it calculated?

It can be calculated in several ways. As a result, there are pages and apps dedicated to this. Or you can also consult an astrologer specialized in the subject that will give you much more detailed information.

But nevertheless, in general, we will give you the following information:

ARIES, your descendent is LIBRA

They prefer a partner who demonstrates power, strength and intelligence, over other attributes. However, they are very demanding when establishing a union and can become obsessed with it.

TAURUS, your descendent is SCORPIO

The Descendent Scorpio inclines the person to look for intense, faithful and passionate companions. But they can make you feel trapped when you manifest the demanding aspect of your personality.

GEMINI, your descendent is SAGITTARIUS

This position indicates the need for a relationship where the personal space and freedom of each of its members is respected. On the other hand, there is a certain childish component in the manifestation of character, however, by assuming differences with maturity, it maintains balance. It is hard for them to find a state of satisfaction.

CANCER, your descendent is CAPRICORN

In the search for the ideal partner, feeling protected by someone with much more experience, wisdom or maturity prevails, sex plays a fundamental role, and underestimating it is a mistake.

LEO, your descendent is AQUARIUS

They are looking for someone adventurous, curious, cheerful and smart. Lack of flexibility and rejection of commitment are their biggest obstacle, however these can be compensated with creativity.

VIRGO, your descendent is PISCIS

They want someone reliable, above all. They tend to idealize the partner, which leads them to be truly tyrannical with their demands, mostly motivated by fear of failure.

LIBRA, your descendent is ARIES

They are looking for an active partner, in every way. strong temperament and certain selfish attitudes that can disturb relationships. They fear commitment.

SCORPIO, your descendent is TAURUS

They want someone stable, faithful and caring, who can be the pillar of the relationship. However, jealousy, pride and stubbornness will be the main obstacles. Relationships are a status symbol.

SAGITTARIUS, your descendent is GEMINI

They are not afraid to break the relationship if they feel suffocated or bored. Require a creative, free, seductive and vivacious companion. They can be possessive and have several partners at the same time.

CAPRICORN, your descendent is CANCER

They are looking for a reliable, sensitive and homely couple, qualities that they themselves possess but do not express. On the other hand, another hidden part of his character is the lack of understanding towards instability.

AQUARIUS, your descendent is LEO

They are looking for a dynamic, smart and unique partner. Rebellious and immature, they like to exercise control of situations and people, and be worshiped for it.

PISCES, your descendent is VIRGO

For an individual with Descendent in Virgo, the ideal couple will be someone orderly, thoughtful, prudent and persevering. They value humility and compassion, but they have a tendency to destructive criticism.

Descendent sign: Why do I need to know?

To sum up, you can use it to discover what you are looking for in a romantic partner or couple. Definitely, it will show you what attracts you most when it comes to engaging in love and in your sexual relationships.


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