Dream about head lice: How to interpret it?

When we wake up after dream about head lice, we wonder what its meaning is. All that depends on the context. Here we will show you the most common interpretations, so you have an idea, and use it in your favor.

Dream about head lice

Dream about head lice: Meanings

Dreaming that you have head lice

Dreaming that we have lice means that we are surrounded by toxic people. For example, false and envious friendships. Gossips and negative people. The advice in this case is to get away from such people because their negativity usually takes over everything in their path.

Dreaming that you are killing head lice

Dreaming that you are killing them means the end of calamities. That is to say, if you are going through some difficulty this will be the end of it. Similarly, it can also be interpreted as overcoming obstacles.

Dreaming that you  are shaking the  head lice in your head

On the other hand, if you don’t kill them, but you are shaking them out from your head, it means that you will easily free yourself from all the worries you have today. No toxic person will come close to you unless you allow it.

Dreaming of lice on your body

This dream is a bit strange, since it is not a common place for head lice. Thus, it is usually associated with hidden problems in the sentimental area. Like infidelities or lies. So we must be more attentive to our partner.

Dreaming of white lice

This type of dream means that the problem you care about is not really as big as you think. That is to say, it is an insignificance. In this case the recommendation is to meditate on the problem you have, and try to find the most suitable solution.

Dreaming that you see head lice on a friend’s head

If you see head lice on a friend’s head, your friend may be hiding something from you. Or in the worst case, he/she wants to take advantage of you in some way. Not someone trustworthy. So you must rethink that relationship.

Dreaming about head lice on clothes

If you are well dressed and elegant and you have lice on your clothes, quite contrary to what is believed, it means economic and professional success.

Dreaming that you are killing head lice

From your child’s hair

If you see yourself in the dream killing head lice from a person you know, it means that said person, friend or relative, even though he hasn’t told you, is going through a problem and your duty is to help him/her. If you don’t know the person it means that someone will come to ask for help.

This dream is an augury that the child may be being bothered at school, feels uncomfortable or bad about a situation. It is advisable to talk with him/her to know if everything is going well. Otherwise solve the problem that is being presented.

Dreaming of head lice in your home

If there are head lice in your house for example on the floor, or in bed this means that there is gossip and envy around your home, regarding your family. People talk about you and your family. You must be careful with the people to whom you tell your family mishaps, since they can talk about it and get you into serious problems.

Dreaming about big head lice

Dreaming of lice larger than their normal size, indicates problems at the work level. It is very possible that you are in the sight of your boss. Either because you did something you don’t like, or because you just don’t like him. Definitely, it’s time to work hard to keep your job.

In short, as you may see, dreaming about these particular wingless insects has endless interpretations. So if your dream does not adapt to any of the above, we invite you to share it in your comments and we will tell you its meaning!.