Prayer to Oggun: Oggun is one of the deities of Yoruba religion. He represents strength and work. He is characterized by having a strong and violent character, but above all with his enemies. His symbol is a machete. In the santeria of Cuba he syncretizes with Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint John Baptiste, Saint Michael Archangel and Saint Raphael Archangel. His holiday is celebrated on April 23, he is credited with power over metals and is the owner of the roads, as well as the mountains. In addition, he is a direct messenger of Obbatalá, which makes him one of the most influential deities within religion. In this article we will focus on the prayer to Oggun with which his devotees ask him for favors.

What are you asking for

This deity is asked to have strength for your day to day, improve at the work level, ward off enemies, grant victories, in love and much more.

Oggun Prayer: To get a job or improve currently

Prayer to Oggun

“You, who work day and night to grant good on earth, grant the favor I ask for on this day.

You who, together with Elegua, rule the earth and the oracles of life and death, work day and night to grant me these favors that I ask you on this day.”

Prayer to Oggun: Against the enemies

I come before your presence to cleanse my body, my mind and my soul.

Grant that whoever wished us bad things repents and marks distance.

Whoever wants to harm us is paralyzed.

You are a warrior of great courage, so do not allow any kind of hex to harm my home, my job, my family or anything related to me.

Prayer to Oggun: For love

Prayer to Oggun

Some brown paper from a bag is needed. Then the name of the loved one must be written on the paper in the form of a cross. You must get two candles one in the form of a woman and another green or red in the form of a man. They should be placed facing each other and tied with a green or red cord or ribbon.

You should pray this prayer 3 times and light a precipitated oil lamp. This ritual should be done 15 to 21 days and then:

Oggun, most glorious warrior I invoke you before the name of the Almighty, I invoke you and I conjure you so that at the dawn of this solemn day, you grant me the divine grace, which I ask you, that _________ is dominated and conquered by me, may he / she not have a pleasure or feel until he / she does not come to my home or you do not give him / her peace of mind either until he / she is by my side.

May with the strength of your machete and the aura of your holy mantle we be covered and surrounded and with your tied hands our hearts have remained.

Oggun, to the holy name of my devotion I invoke you so that _________ I have affection and devotion, soul of Saint John Miner may he / she love me as I want him / her and may the spirit, body, and soul of ________ that from this moment has no more illusion, but it is for me. Amen.


By asking Oggun you can accompany your prayers with any of the following offerings:

It is offered cocoa butter, jutía and smoked fish, tobacco, brandy, corojo butter, beef or goat meat, roasted corn, birdseed, cornmeal, yams, white beans, Kola nuts, etc.

Goats, roosters or chickens, Angolan chickens, pigeons, jutías and dogs and horses are anciently slaughtered.

His ewes are avocado, carob, seedling, almond, atiponlá, cow’s tongue, chicken’s leg, ceiba, blackberry, blood grass, opium poppy, basil, aroma, rompesaragüey, little rosemary, holy thistle, ginger, pomegranate, pendejera, peony, tobacco, everlasting flower, peregún, marigold, jagüey, purslane, ten day grass, yucca, fine grass, and night jasmine.