The jade plant is an easy plant to care for which real name is Crassula ovata, but it is also known as Money Plant, Friendship Tree and Dollar Plant. It is a plant of small flowers of South African origin and is one of the most popular worldwide. Its fame is due to being recommended in Feng Shui by bringing good luck, wealth and solid friendships to your life.

It is considered very auspicious for being a symbol of good luck for money. It has the ability to attract abundant wealth to your home and its time of  lifetime is incredibly long, living up to 60 years.

According to the tradition of Feng Shui, the jade plant brings prosperity and abundance, which is why in China it usually decorates houses, especially the most luxurious ones. In addition to attracting wealth, it is said that it relieves tensions, restores balance, peace and harmony, and the most suitable place to locate a jade plant is at workplace and the entrance of the house.

Planta de Jade

Where to locate it

  • It is believed that putting a jade plant next to the cash register increases the wealth of a business.
  • You can place this plant at the entrance of your store or another kind of store such as a restaurant or jewelry store to ensure a successful business and encourage continued growth.
  • A jade plant placed in a home office, either in the southeast corner of the room or in the southeast corner of your desk, is very auspicious.
  • The dining room table is a good place to place it, especially when it is reflected in a mirror to double abundance.
  • Inside your house, the jade plant can be placed in the southeast sector as long as it is not in the bedroom since the plants emit too much yang energy.
  • Plants are never recommended in a bedroom.
  • If your health needs a boost, select a healthy jade specimen to be at the eastern part of your home.
  • Avoid placing a jade plant in the bathrooms, because they are a symbol of wealth and you do not want wealth to be lost with sewage.
  • It can be placed in the lobby of your house, just inside the main door.
  • You can put a jade plant in a pot next to the main door.


If you are given a jade plant and keep it well maintained, it will bring money and abundance to your home.

If you put a coin inside the ground, the positive effects will be much greater.


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