This deity is the king of Yoruba religion. Therefore, it is one of the most important Orishas of the family vault. As a result, it is characterized by having justice very deep-rooted. Besides, it is the saint patron of manly strength, thunders, dancing, lightings and fire. On the other hand, in santeria it syncretizes with Saint Marcus and Saint Barbara. Among the things what Chango is asked for, we can say: Love, money, and defeating enemies.

What Chango is asked for: Love

To find true love

This prayer of Chango works to find true love, and it can be used both to bring back a lost love and to bring a new one. However, it also has the power to strengthen relationships.

First, it is recommended to say it during 3 days in a row. Likewise, a purple or white candle must be lit at the moment when the ritual of the prayer is performed to attract the love of your life. Similarly, it is important to highlight that on the third day, a white candle must be lit. 

What Chango is asked

A very difficult person

On the other hand, when it is about a very difficult person to attract, the most advisable is to say the prayer to Chango during nine days in a row. Likewise, a white candle must be lit on the last day.

“Oh, powerful Chango, listen and pay attention to my plea of love, remember that it has never heard to say that any person that has turned to you with faith to ask for your protection and to beg for your help, has left unattended by you. Chango! You suffered and died for love, for that reason I turn to you today to ask you to put your merciful eyes on me, and grant me the request that my heart feels for (say the full name of the loved one). Oh, powerful Chango, now you know what my hearts longs for, I beg you to enter in the heart of (say the full name of the loved one) and not to let him / her to live peacefully, or to sit in a chair, or to eat in a table until he / she comes to me on his / her knees begging for my love and company. Look at me and protect me, Chango, ward off the bad thoughts of my enemies towards me, move bad spirits away from my side, ward off every bad vibe and bring for me that love that I want so much by my side. Amén.”

This powerful prayer to Chango has the purpose to attract good fortune, undoubtedly both in economic matters, money and work. Likewise, what you need to say the prayer is to light two candles, a red one and a white one.

What Chango is asked for: Money

To make Chango listen to the prayer, the most advisable thing is to wear red or white clothes. The most important thing is to start on a Friday or Saturday to repeat then the prayer during 7 days in a row. Similarly, it is recommended to say it during six consecutive months, as well as on the first Friday or Saturday of every month.

Que se le pide a Shango

On the other hand, 7 apples, black ground, and 7 coins of the highest denomination are also needed. Besides, last but not least, 2 red candles. Subsequently, put an apple in the center of every red candle. After that, put the 7 coins in front of the apple. 

Start by lighting the two candles, then take the apples and open a hole on them to take out all the seeds and fill them with the black ground. Finally, put them in the middle of the table.


God of thunder, light, fire and justice,

Chango, father of mine, look at me!

Protect me, help me.

War off the bad,

harm and evil deeds,

Ward off misfortunes, downfalls and problems,

And bring joy,

work, fortune, progress and success,

Prosperity and happiness,

For me and my loved ones.

Remember that it is your son who makes this request.

Father of mine, God of thunder,

Control my house,

Give me the brilliant salvation

So that your word does not catch me

When you are angry

That you scream in heaven,

And all your sons down here

Say very respectfully

To obey control,

Control my house.

You remember, father of mine

That we called you by heart

To get down on our knees at your feet

And tell you God of Thunder,

Merciful king,

Be happy on earth,

Help me.

Amen. Amen.

Ask for what you want to get.

What Chango is asked for: Defeating enemies

Above all, it is necessary to be done on a Saturday. First, you need a candle with two colors: red and white. Or similarly two candles, a red one and a white one. On the other hand, it is also necessary to make several offerings, which consist of 6 plantains, a glass of red wine and 6 red apples.

The most important thing is that this powerful prayer known as « The Rays of Chango» is said to move away enemies and some witchcraft and sorcery work.

“I call the seven rays of Chango, by the holy name of Almighty, to make my enemies’ hearts tremble. I call you, oh powerful Saint Barbara, so that your eyes are mine and my eyes are yours. Make any evil entity be able to come to me, make your rays make the house of those who fight me tremble; annul every obstacle. Oh powerful elemental spirit of earth: combine your forces with mine so that the power of evil steps back. Amen».


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