In this article we bring you the most effective psalm to get a job. As it is psalm 89. As well as prayers for us to do well in our jobs.

Psalm to get a job:

Psalms work

Work appears regularly throughout the 150 psalms. Sometimes the concern of the psalms on work falls on individual ethics. including integrity and obedience to God in our work. dealing with competition. And anxiety about the apparent success of dishonest people.

Psalm to get a job

Other psalms touch on the ethics of organizations – whether they are as small as a house, or as big as a nation. Modern themes these psalms apply to include business ethics, handling institutional pressure, globalization, the consequences of workplace failures, and nationwide infractions. Another main theme related to work in Psalms is the presence of God with us at work.

Here we find topics such as God’s guidance, human creativity grounded in God (who sustains all productivity), the importance of doing truly worthwhile work, and God’s grace in our work. The psalms are particularly interested in the work of marriage, the rearing of children, and the care of parents. Underneath all the particular themes, it is the Psalms proclamation of the glory of God in all creation. The wide variety of work-related topics in this book comes as no surprise.

Psalm to get a job:

Prayer for everything to go well at work


Dear God, I come before you today to ask for your help with this prayer. First of all, God, I want to ask your forgiveness for my disobedience because, just as Adam disobeyed you by eating the forbidden fruit and the earth was cursed because of him, I have failed too.

Forgive me and don’t allow me to put myself through hard work every day of my life.

Lord God, I cry out to you because only you listen to my prayers with mercy; look at the misery, work and oppression imposed by those who oppress the worker, and release me!


God, I need you with by my side because only you do justice for the worker. Instead, people out there are unfair and even capable of firing the employee empty-handed.

With this prayer, I ask you to give me wisdom so that I do not fall into a curse and others steal the fruit of my work.

Lord, keep me from having bosses who treat employees cruelly and oppress them with forced labour, doing projects that only benefit them and no one else.


Oh God, do not allow me to live a bitter life because of the slave and abusive work that others want to impose on me.

Although I had the best job in the world, in this prayer for work I commit myself, Lord, to obey your commandments and give my body rest once a week, so that I can honour you, my God.

Lord, give me skill in my work, just as you gave your servants Bezalel and Aholiab, who did magnificent works for you.

I pray so that the day will come when I can meet my family and rejoice in the accomplishments of my work because you, Lord God, will have blessed us.


Lord, I know that if you bless my work, there is nothing or no one that will prevent me from progressing; that is why I assure you that I will help those most in need so that they can eat.

I will not be mean but generous with my blessings; if my brother in faith borrows from me, I will not charge him interest, and not even if it was by mistake or carelessness.

If a part of the fruit of my work remains in the hands of someone more in need than me, I will not demand them to return it.


My God, I want you to bless me with all my heart because in your blessing there is real prosperity for my work, my family, my possessions and my future.

Open heavens, your generous treasure, to pour out your shower of blessing in due time. Then I will lend many and I will no longer borrow from anyone.

Now I praise you, Lord, because by being obedient I will receive your blessing in my savings, in all the work of my hands and in the land that you give me to live. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Psalm to get a job:

Psalm 89 to get a good job.


Dear God, father of generosity and goodness, today I am here, raising this prayer to you to thank you for the happiness of being your child and for the hope that can only be found by walking under your sweet coat.

Thank You for the sublime gift of life and also thank You because despite the difficulties, you always help me to solve my most pressing needs. You give me a roof that protects me, you give me food for the body, for the spirit, and you give me the strength I need not to succumb to tests or storms.

Lord, you know better than anyone my desires, my joys, my worries and also my sorrows. That is why today I turn to you with a very special request and with the certainty that my cry will be heard: Please have mercy on me, stand up and give me the joy of getting a good job.


It is time to get ahead, I want to leave behind the debts, scarcity and live a life with sufficiency and well-being. But my wishes will only come true if you are with me and guide me to fulfil your precious will.

Father, your arm is full of power, your hand is strong and your right is high; I ask you to put the conditions in my favour, guide my steps on the right path, give me wisdom to make good decisions and support me in this search that I am leading.

Dear God, thank you for listening to my honest prayer that comes from the heart. From now on I put myself in your hands with hope and I will move forward with confidence because I know that you will allow me to find a good job; that my empty bag will gradually be filled; and that peace, health, tranquillity, well-being and your abundance will reign in my home. Amen.


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