“Come to me” prayer has the intention of making that person come to you or attracting our life true love and requires a lot of faith. This kind of requests achieve it only if what you feel is very strong and real. What we intend with love spells is asking the universe to give us that we want with our hearts.

How to say prayers

These prayers are very powerful and easy to carry out, but remember that when saying them, you have to show that you really want and need what you’re asking. To help you, I recommend you to light a white or red small candle and focus on the flame for a few minutes. Visualize that person and just relax. Put all your strength!

The following prayers are divided into two objectives: attracting love or asking a love from the past back. Choose the most appropriate one for your situation.

Come to me

“Come to me” prayer

Come to me _________

(name of the loved person)

Come to me, because living without you is being in the darkness,

because you’re the light of my soul.

Come to me, I miss you at all times,

because you’re part of my being.

Come to me, I need you in my life, you’re my happiness.

Spirit of the night,

make _________’s dreams belong to me

when he / she sleeps,

only have beautiful visions about me,

only dream of me hour after hour.

Spirit of dawn,

make _________

see me in his / her mind when waking up,

yearn for desperate, remembering me.

Spirit of love,

Go through his / her heart with the darts of memories,

May he / she recall the happiness we lived together with nostalgia,

the moments of joy and love we enjoy together.

Spirit of hate

May he / she only feel loathing, contempt and aversion

for the person who falsely 

with cunning arguments and magic took him / her away,

May he / she move away from, separate from now and forget _________.

Spirit of desperation,

May he / she lose his / her patience, get worked up and get upset

for not being with me,

May he / she regret with real sorrow

for having let me down

and may only when he / she comes back to me

he / she calm down.

All spirits, make him / her come to me:

May _________ come back dominated and gentle,

always want to be with me

his / her heart can only feel love for me,

may _________ only belong to me

may he / she be my partner forever.


Prayers for the loved person to come back


When the person we love decides to put an end to the relationship, we find ourselves in a moment we would never have wanted it to happen. With this prayer we will ask to have a second chance and what we have lived to be a nightmare, waking up by his / her side again. Make this plea, three nights in a row for it to be more powerful.

«I invoke all the spirits to help me with this sorrow, since the person I love has left me. I turn to you to make the person I love and adore come back to my side, without conflicts or pride.


In your names I ask: Come to me (name of the person). So that my heart can rest. With you far way, my soul has no rest. Come to me, by invoking spirits, I ask them to move other people away from your heart and mind. May he / she only have eyes for me, only I am in his / her heart.

Come to me, may he / she not have peace or be able to sleep until his / her body is in my bed. Surrendered and regretted. Come to me to be happy for the rest of our lives without crying, or sorrows, only with love. Here I will be waiting for you with open arms. Amen. »

The second prayer to get the loved person back is the following:

«Today I want you to come back to my side (name of the person). The resentment that has distanced us will be transformed into love in this moment. The envy of our enemies won’t keep us apart because the love that brought us together once is stronger than those negative energies. Oh, come to me so that our relationship is renewed and bad sensations move away. Nothing or no-one will tear us apart. Come to me so that we share the rest of eternity and tranquillity reigns in our home.

I call all the energies presents to ask for my protection and help, for the person I love to come back to me, without worries or fear, without resentment or frights. Come back to my side, since my heart hasn’t forgotten you, nor haven’t I been able to get your words out of my head; there’s no rest since you’ve been gone.

Come to me, and may energies protect us, may there not be evil that can tear us apart, or obstacle that make us grow further apart. Because I love you only. Come to me to rest peacefully, come to me to be happy together, come to me, I’m waiting for you. »

Prayer for him / her to think of me, dream of me and call me

If in addition to wanting that person to think of you during the day, you also want him / her to do it at night, then you have to try the following prayer for which it will be enough that you lean on the following words.

May the water of Morpheus bathe your dreams
with my presence; may the boat of my
memories hang around the hot waters
that cross your placid rest.
May I be part of your stay both in the night
and in the morning.
Like interwoven souls, I introduce
My presence in your mind
in a way that I am, and only I, the one who has
your interest at night.
Dream of me!
As I am the only one destined
to keep you awake.

It’s important to know that, regardless of the prayer that you choose to say, you must carry out with faith and for as long as necessary to achieve the objective. Remember that perseverance, along with a positive mind have a unique power. Success!.


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