Karma cleansing prayer

Karma cleansing prayer:If you want to know about ways to clear karma, you must first understand what it is and how it works. Additionally, we will indicate a powerful karma cleansing prayer.

Karma cleansing prayer

What is Karma?

Karma is a core belief in the doctrine of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Ayyavazhi, and Spiritism. It is a transcendent energy (invisible and immeasurable) that is generated from the actions of people. Also known as a spirit of justice and/or balance.


The law of karma says that for every action there is a consequence; this means that it is the law of cause and effect. Karma can manifest during this life, or the next.

Because of this, people drag karmas between life and life, which makes them accumulate negative situations in their current lives. Therefore, below we indicate a prayer for you to perform on the first day of each month in a way that helps you to clean up the karmas of the past life.

Karma cleansing prayer

Father Creator, I know that I have come into the world with karmas from other lives, which I must cancel. I want to pay my debts, my mistakes, harmonize with enemies, treat with love who I hate, offer to give life to whom perhaps I took it away, overcome my mistakes, evolve and be better every day.

Oh Father Creator, just in your infinite mercy, collect the debts from me, but do not be too hard on me, because remember that I am weak and I weak at the tests that you put on me, do not demand too much of me because I may not be able to respond as you wish and expect from me.

Forgive me Supreme Father, Father of Light and Love, my mistakes; I know that you understand me, free me from my burdens, I do not deny my mistakes and responsibilities, I am aware as far as you enlighten me and you want me to know and understand part of your evolutionary plan, where I am just a needle in a haystack inside the infinite, but I know that you love me just the same.

I want to be better than I am, but sometimes the people around me do not let me be, give me strength and light to be aware and not deviate from the path of good that you have outlined for me; your love and understanding support me and give me strength and courage to continue on the hard and difficult path of life.

Other ways to clear karma


Emotions like rancour, hatred, envy and jealousy only generate bad energy within you. Choose to forgive those who have hurt you and even yourself. Let go of what has already been and trust that the best is yet to come

Formulate your ideas positively

Ideas and thoughts not only remain abstract in your mind. Therefore, the way you choose to tell yourself everything that happens to you and surrounds you, configures, in a certain way, the way you later understand everything. In other words, if you try to stay positive, you will possibly attract all the good to yourself, because you are already open and receptive to it.

Karma cleansing prayer

 Recognize what situations and people have to teach you

Although things may become difficult or different from the ideal you want, everything has something to teach you. Surely you must take each learning and assimilate it. That will be the key to your own spiritual evolution.

Learn to keep silent

It is always good to talk. If you remain silent you will learn the power and weight that words have. Use them with conscience and respect. Consequently, do not say to say; do it with empathy, without hurting.

Focus on what does you good

Seek that everything around you is fundamentally positive. Choose to surround yourself with people with good hearts; that is, situations that allow you to learn and good vibes for you.

Maintain respect and love for yourself and your surroundings

Build yourself and others, always from love and respect. Consequently, seek to eliminate attitudes or thoughts that harm you or others. Do not expect anything back. Trust what you give, in the Universe and in you. The good will find you if you deliver with love and without conditions.