Hitler’s Germany has been beset by his echoes of bad energy and atrocities. In many places throughout the country, paranormal activity is perceived to this day. Places with paranormal activity in Germany. Here we list the 10 most famous.

Places with paranormal activity

1.- Waldniel Hostert School

It was a school where children with mental disabilities were tortured and killed by the Nazis, making it the place of some of the most vile and horrible atrocities of the Third Reich. Many claim to have heard screams from the poor young souls who perished here. The extensive building housed hundreds of these young people for decades before the Nazis put their hands in it. It presents a lot of paranormal activity, so it is not uncommon to see the ghosts of these young people scattered throughout the school.

Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle, just five kilometers from the German city of Darmstadt. It is the origin of rumors that its owner Johann Conrad Dippel created potions, practiced electrotherapy and participated in terrible experiments with stolen bodies from nearby cemeteries. Born in Frankenstein Castle in 1673, Johann was the inspiration of the mad scientist “Frankenstein” of Mary Shelley’s novel.

Places with paranormal activity

3.- Wolfsegg Castle

Wolfsegg Castle is a beautiful mansion whose oldest sections date back to 1278. However, its terrifying past is as famous as its beauty. Considered one of the most enchanted castles in Germany, many reports of paranormal activity date back to the 1500s. The most famous of its ghosts is the “White Woman” that, it is said, has frightened many of the visitors of the castle. It is rumored that the lady is the ghost of Klara von Helfenstein, who was reportedly killed by her jealous husband.

4.- Pfauen Insel Park

It is believed that the alchemist Johann Kunckel walks the facility in the form of a black figure with bright red eyes. Many claim that Kunckel experimented with techniques in his former laboratory located on the island of black magic during his lifetime; he eventually became a curse in the hereafter. Most of these sightings occur at midnight.

5.- Berlin Citadel

The Citadel was built in 1557 and sadly witnessed a sad love story. In the fifteenth century, the lover of the ruler Joaquin II, Anna Sydow, was locked in the castle by the son of the ruler after his death. And like any other woman, Anna Sysow, aka White Lady, frequented the place after his death. The legend says that she continues to roam the castle, trying to find a way out.

6.- Osnabrück Pagan Temple and Cemetery

Charle Magne wanted to spread Christianity, so he massacred all pagan priests in this place. He broke the largest altar stone just to prove that the Christian God was above the pagan gods. But it is said that in the winter solstice and in the summer equinox the screams are heard and the blood stains on the rocks are observed again.

7.- Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

What makes this hospital especially very different is that Adolf Hitler himself, leader of the Nazi Party, and his soldiers were treated here during the First World War.

It was also reported that between 1940 and 1945 the hospital carried out several illegal experiments on humans. That is why today there are also reports of paranormal activity.


8.- Conn Barracks

It is in the city of Schweinfurt, in central Germany. It functioned as a Nazi psychiatric ward and a hospital, and was subsequently used by US Army personnel as accommodation. It still houses the strangest ghosts that remain from World War II. The main sighting was when, on two occasions, the American soldiers who remained in the room woke up at night to see a Nazi soldier and a nurse covered in blood standing on the bed, studying the sleeping soldiers.

9.- Kirchlengern Forest

In this forest people who spend some time here experience great feelings of panic, with the feeling that they are being watched by menacing forces. Even more distressing than this, it is known that animals disappear in the forest. Their bloody remains are found days later by the hunters who frequent it.

10.- Spreepark, attractions of the past in Berlin.

During the 60s, Spreepark was the largest amusement park in the German Democratic Republic. It received more than one million visitors a year. Several decades later it was privatized and acquired by a family that led it to ruin, which is why it had to be closed. It is currently a park buried in the surrounding nature. Curious visitors have indicated that the wheel still turns when it is windy, and shadows and childish laughter are usually perceived.



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