Prayer to the 7 Archangels to open paths

Prayer to the 7

The prayer to the 7 Archangels to open paths should be completed. According to the needs and requests you have for a particular archangel, the prayer to the seven archangels can certainly also be done separately.

Prayer to the 7 Archangels to open paths: How to pray

To perform the prayer to the seven Archangels, first make sure that you are in a quiet place and with a few minutes in private; you need to be focused. However, the prayer can be said to an archangel individually or to all of them, depending on the need of your request. Therefore, if you pray to a particular archangel, you should know which the right one is and that it is related to the fulfilment of your demands.

To say this prayer, we have 2 options:

Option 1

Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Jofiel, Chamuel and Zadquiel; holy archangels, I invoke you to guide my path and not allow darkness to deprive me of being with the Lord.

Glorious angels favoured by the Lord, I beg you to protect me from any misfortune that stands in my way.

I want them to bless me with their sacred power so that the selfishness and hatred coming from my enemies will not lead me to ruin.

I beg you to defend me from injustice and just fill me with hope and wisdom. Enlighten my life to find the path that leads to the Almighty Father.

I entrust my well-being and tranquillity to you, archangels of God. Amen.

Option 2

I raise my prayer to the seven archangels,

to help me fight this battle.

I find every path closed and I don’t see

way out of this problem.

I ask the seven archangels to open

the roads through which I have to travel.

May Jehovah’s warriors guide my steps,

so that I do not stumble or walk in the paths of darkness.

Heavenly angels, hear my prayer and open the

paths that are blocked for me today.”


Prayer of the 7 archangels for protection

“To the divine ones of God I say this prayer today,

May the seven archangels protect me with their strength.

Holy angels, have mercy on me and release me from evil,

drive away all my enemies and do not allow their plans

prosper against me.

Help me fight the spiritual battle that it is impossible

for my eyes to see.

Take care of my entrance, my exit and each one of my steps.”


Prayer to the 7 Archangels for love

Holy angels, I turn to you to help me attract love to my life. Don’t let hatred and loneliness consume me, please.

I want to find true love, in which there are no secrets or interests. On the other hand, I know that God also wants me to find it so that we can both form a home under his plans.

I want you to be my messengers and without a doubt, give information to the love of my life to come to me and we can make the Lord’s mandate a reality.

Do not abandon me, archangels Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Jofiel, Chamuel and Zadquiel. Amen.

Archangel Michael

Mighty Archangel Michael, warrior of light, protect me from all evil daily.

Surround me with your blue ray.

Drive away negative energies and evil thoughts emitted towards me.

May your sword cut bad vibes, your armour cover my chest.

May the dark beings bow down to your mighty protection.

Grant me to be a bearer of light and courage in balance.

Take away the veils of ignorance and make me a bearer of knowledge.

May your powerful light like the sun protect and illuminate me at all times, I humbly ask you.


Archangel Jophiel

Beautiful Archangel Jophiel, bearer of wisdom.

At every moment to receive enlightenment in each of my acts.

To access the windows of knowledge in the astral and material world.

May your bright yellow ray surround me and open my consciousness to self-knowledge and learning.

Open my understanding.

Let my mind expand.

May wisdom be born from my heart.


Archangel Chamuel

Powerful Archangel of Love, the secret of human existence.

Open my heart to Universal love, to love, to divinity.

May it be a manifestation of love before all that is created.

Before my peers, before animals, trees and a small seed and thus, being love, that same thing I attract for my life.

May your pink ray expand through each of my cells to sow love in everything that I touch, in everything that my thoughts produce.

Amen. Archangel Gabriel

Oración a los 7 Arcángeles para abrir caminos

Divine messenger of the divine precepts.

I ask you to give me inspiration to seek beauty in the stages of life.

Let them be like the cycles of the moon, different, but always beautiful. Increase my intuition to know which path to take.

May your white ray enlighten me to be a bearer of light.

May my presence be pleasant, my words loving and my feelings high.

Open my eyes and my ears to the manifestation of the greatness of divinity.


Archangel Raphael

Medical Archangel, may your omnipotent green ray travel through my mind to produce healthy thoughts and ideas oriented to good.

Go through my body to keep it in fullness and good functioning and expand in my spirit so that it is always in contact with beings of high vibrations.

If I have to face the illness of mine or of a loved one, then, divine Archangel Raphael, I ask you to intervene with your divine healing energy.

May my heart produce feelings of freedom and detachment.


Archangel Uriel

Divine Archangel messenger of peace and balance.

Guardian of the temples of God.

I ask you to flood my soul so that I can feel and breathe peace, thus being a worthy part of the divine plan.

May I understand the rhythm of life. I also ask you for abundance, prosperity and growth for me and all beings in the world.

May my soul triumph over evil and darkness.


Archangel Zadquiel

Mighty Archangel of the violet ray.

I humbly ask you to transmute everything negative in my life.

May my existence seek the transition in this age of spiritual awakening.

My soul feels free of burdens.

May my thoughts and feelings be deep and delivered with awareness.

May your violet flame make me more aware and a better human being every day.