Next, we will develop the topic of karmic contracts, in which the intention is to learn or teach something to avoid it in the next life. Keep reading to find out.

Before coming to the planet, we choose to take a physical body and voluntarily select the experiences that we are willing to live.

In that process we select our parents, siblings, future partners, marriages, friends, and others.

Karmic Contracts: What are they about?

We sign a “karmic contract” with the people who are going to help us most effectively. We agree on what each one is going to do to the other with the intention of teaching or learning something. The learning process is mutual and the karmic contract is signed by mutual agreement. When we get to this plane, we forget what we signed and live the chosen experience.

Karmic contracts are voluntary and irrevocable and do not disappear until they are fully fulfilled. One chooses them in order to take a very important step forward in personal evolution.

Karmic contracts

For example, a woman may ask her “future husband” to mistreat her that during their marriage. In this way, she will recognize that she has very little self-esteem and must learn to assess herself as a woman. On the other hand, he will agree that she starts a legal claim against him. Consequently, in this way, he will have to learn to respect her and renounce his machismo, hostility towards feminine energy and negativity.

When there is a karmic contract, a sense of revenge is perceived in one or both of the people involved, hence few learn the first time. If you do not learn the first time, you will have another opportunity to repeat the experience because until you don’t learn, “the Karmic contract of life will make you repeat the experience until you learn what you have come to learn.”

How to remove karmic contracts

  • Cell memory: In the memory of our cells the complete program of our existence is written. It is like a small database with all the relevant information that makes us who we are today. For this reason, it is necessary to free the cellular memory and re-program ourselves to live enjoying everything that we deny ourselves today.
  • Sacred geometry: It consists of healing through symbols and geometric shapes of high vibrational power. Sometimes it is also used in combination with other energy techniques in order to enhance them. –
  • Hebrew pendulum: The Hebrew pendulum is a very ancient technique that uses the energy of Hebrew letters. It is a tool that allows testing the general state of the receiver and also irradiating it with the powerful energy of ancestral inscriptions.

The Hebrew pendulum is used to eliminate all types of blockages (including karmic contracts), as well as attract the life of the receiver everything that is needed from a re-programming and elimination of old patterns. –

  • Karmic cleansings: Karmic cleansings are done from meditations (usually guided by a professional) and conscious affirmations that apply to the type of karmic contract that we want to eliminate. Karmic cleansings can also be accompanied by sessions with gem therapy or combined with some other technique (this depends on each professional, so it is always good to consult before hiring the sessions). –
Contratos kármicos
  • Reiki focused on past lives: If we start from the most basic, Reiki is energy, which can be applied to any aspect of our life including traumas, conflictive situations and pacts, vows or karmic contracts.

Letter for the revocation of vows contracted in past lives:

I apologize to God, to my conscience and to whom it may concern for the times I kill or sacrifice animals or humans with or without their permission in the name of God or against God.

To my conscience and to whom it may concern for all acts against life that I have carried out in this and other lives or moments of my existence, against me or against any living being. I release myself from all the vows contracted in this and in other lives or moments of my existence.

I resign and release myself from all vows related to poverty, from the vows related to chastity; also from all the vows related to flogging and self-punishment.

I resign and release myself from all food-related limitation vows, from all the vows to die in the name of God. I release myself from all vows to kill in the name of God.

Today I forgive myself and decree that from now on: I allow myself to experience prosperity and abundance in all aspects of my life, and also to receive money for any activity that I carry out as a means of subsistence. I allow myself to experience delight with food in the form and amount that I want to eat. I allow myself to enjoy a healthy and full sexuality. To have and enjoy everything I want accordance with my Divine Plan.

By the power of God in me, it is so, it is so, it is so.




Negotiation letter with Karma

Dear Karma:

I am writing you this personal letter to tell you that you and I have to negotiate the debt acquired by me in past lives and that I do not even know how much it amounts to, neither to whom do I owe, nor how much.

It does not seem fair to me that you charge me with interest, and it also does not sound fair to me that you have all the information and papers with my debts and I do not have any information about it.

And unless my debtors appear camouflaged as friends and lovers, I propose that you and I make an agreement.

In this life, I promise to be one hundred percent, to get out of half measures and to restore any injustice I can, always talking about my personal life.

The injustice of the world surpasses me; I cannot commit to solving it completely. But I can act from myself and my free will, and anchor light in all the situations that come across in my life.

In return, I ask you not to put my old mistakes in my way anymore, at least not camouflaged as lovers, bosses, “spiritual teachers” and friends.

I get it.

And from today, with all my love, I bid you farewell from my life, Karma, and I give myself completely to the Dharma.


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