Everything is energy. There are good and bad energies, unfortunately not only we but also environments are filled with them, “especially with the bad ones”. Consequently, this causes the spaces to become heavy and many aspects of our lives to go wrong, as well as that our body gets sick and we feel tired. But for our benefit there is an ancient technique that we can turn to so that we recover the harmony of these environments: (houses, offices, businesses): lighting aromatic smoke in these spaces.

Aromatic smoke

 Aromatic smoke: What is it?

It consists of burning different plants or minerals with characteristic smells that help to achieve balance through the aroma that the smoke spreads. On the other hand, this practice has been used since ancient times, even in Egypt to offer up to the gods, and in rituals.

Aromatic smoke: Uses

These are some of the most common uses of aromatic smoke:

  • In rituals they are usually lit to increase energy, adjust the energy of the environment or the person who is performing it.
  • In meditations, aromatic smoke is lit to help practitioners to reach a state of more clarity, calmness and focus.
  • The incense is usually used to help astral projections and lucid dreams.
  • When aromatic smoke is lit, an element of fire can be attracted to help the ritual.
  • Preferably aromatic smoke can be lit to attract good energies in an area, or drive away bad energies in an environment.
  • It also helps the person who lights it to connect with the ideas and energies associated with each aromatic smoke.


Classic mud, ceramic, silver or bronze censer; small pieces of coal, herbs to use. In the santerías mixtures of herbs suitable for cleaning the house are usually sold. The classic ones to clean are incense and myrrh. It can also be added juniper, rosemary, parsley, sagebrush, rue, etc.

You must light the pieces of coal inside the censer (they will change color) and then add the herbal mixture little by little as it burns down.


How to do it

Before using aromatic smoke, it is very important to have previously cleaned the environment. That is, for example, if you did it at home, you must have cleaned and fixed it beforehand. It is important that your closet does not have broken clothing. Similarly do not collect old clothes or in poor condition, damaged devices, or things you do not require since, because of this, the energy will not circulate and bad vibrations will remain stagnant. It is also important that the plants are not dry, and are well maintained, as well as pets and the area where they are.

Subsequently that the above has been done, you can begin. First the aromatic smoke is lit; the person carrying the aromatic smoke must spread the smoke with faith. You must start from the entrance, then enter the house from left to right clockwise. Then finish at the door where you started. To conclude, the edges of the door are cleaned and the energy is intentionally taken out. 


  • The person who performs this practice should not be dressed in clothes to go out, but preferably with clothes to be at home. They should be washed after the end of this practice.
  • It must be performed in daylight, in the morning hours, maximum at noon.
  • Preferably during the phase of the waning moon.
  • The whole house must be smoked. Preferably concentrate on spaces that have low light or where there are problems; for example, fights, robberies, inexplicable fatigue among others, as well as dark corners and spaces that usually remain closed, because there is where most of the dense energies are concentrated on.
  • The doors and windows of the house must remain closed, and must be open 30 minutes later to have the desired effect.


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