This time we bring the magic of the birth runes so that you discover yours and perhaps you can use it as an amulet. Keep reading.

The Birth Runes:

Runes are a divination technique almost as old as tarot, which is why it was already practiced in the Nordic countries. Both the Celts and the Vikings used them in their ceremonies as an invocation oracle during rituals consecrated to Mother Earth and its Gods.

The Birth Runes

Runes are whispered, hidden or esoteric secrets, and are a magical alphabet. There is no inexorable destiny for this magical alphabet. We have the ability to change our lives since we have total freedom to do so. The key to changing the future lies in knowing what should and shouldn’t be changed.

Each of us is assigned birth runes, which give their particular characteristics to our personality. As in any other culture, these characteristics are only general and they would mark our trends and guidelines to follow to a greater or lesser extent.

The Birth Runes:

January 21st to February 22nd – Mannazruna Rune

People born under the influence of this rune, also called Madhr, have great qualities; they have strong and incisive ideals and are quite absent-minded and altruistic. On the other hand, they can appear eccentric. They definitely have some enlightenment inside.

Humanitarian, distracted, altruistic, intelligent, quick-minded, somewhat eccentric. With great ideals, with a meticulous mentality, they will scrutinize everything until they understand it. Good and very progressive scientists and researchers.

February 23rd to March 20th – Algizla Rune

Algiz is a protection rune, therefore people who were born under its influence have this gift and are intuitive and protectors, so they are usually considered good friends and integrating relatives by excellence. On the other hand, they are considered lovers of art and the spiritual stuff.

They are romantic dreamers who live in a little higher world. Intuitive art lovers; they will be good friends, although they show variable states of mind given their huge inner world, for which they can be misinterpreted by those who know them less. Connected like the rune of spiritual protection, they will be able to see a window in the sky, and bring the hopeless to that world of faith.

March 21st to April 20th – Kennazruna Rune

Those born under the influence of Kennaz are usually empathic people and who intensify the others’ pain in them; this because this runic symbol keeps the meaning of mortality and pain in itself, therefore, its influence is reflected. Other attributes are their competitiveness and love of individual freedom.

Brave, daring; they will have that inner fire and whose literal translation is torch. Direct, joyful, will like competition, physical activity and win themselves. They are impulsive, like freedom and adventures, and in turn will know how to fulfil all their formal world as it is a challenge because they are winners by nature.

The Birth Runes:

April 21st to May 21st – Uruzruna Rune

With great inner strength, those born under the influence of this rune also have an inner stability that makes them persevere without neglecting their spiritual side.

They love stability, possessions, and sensual enjoyment, in addition to inner peace and stability. Persevering, seductive, and hard-working. They will do it for this life, but they will not neglect their spiritual aspect.

May 22nd to June 21st – Ansuzruna anzuz Rune

Very versatile, they are innate communicators and always make themselves understood. They project a lot of vitality and are usually successful entrepreneurs, honouring the rune by which they are influenced from birth.

Versatile par excellence, they honour the rune of signals, as they are excellent communicators. Covered by a certain light appearance, they are prepared to be understood by the most varied interlocutors.

June 22nd to July 22nd – Laguzruna Rune

People with a huge potential who generally manage to turn situations into chaos and direct it in their favour; they are not afraid of the unknown so they do not shy away from risks. Although it takes them a long time to achieve their goals, they usually emerge triumphant.

It is a rune of water; intuition, omens, forebodings will be an important part of their experiences. They are organized; the material seems to be enough for them magically because they put their heart in everything they do. They can be a bit slow when it comes to renewing their feelings, but they are very intense in their commitments and feelings.

The Birth Runes:

July 23rd to August 22nd – Sowiloruna Rune

Those born under the influence of this rune have the ability to spiritually enlighten with their presence; they radiate success and always have a pleasant appearance. The Sowilo rune represents success and fun and they represent it perfectly.

Its translation is sun. Those born on this date will be innocent, generous, controlling, with a pleasant appearance; they fill the places and like the sun, they know how to shine when they are happy looking for someone to enchant. They are kind and demanding, will be good friends, and are jealous in their affections.

August 23rd to September 23rd – Jeraruna Rune

Very earthy, analytical and inquisitive, these people have all the qualities of the Jera rune, which represents “the earth”. This gives them a huge capacity to stand firm in adversity and have a good connection with their environment.

With angelic faces, a good memory and a practical mind, they are foresighted, analytical, intelligent and inquisitive and have great personal magnetism. They will never take their feet off their element since Jera is “the earth”.

September 23rd to October 22nd – Geboruna Rune

They are people who take all situations with a great sense of humour, always making the best of adversity, and this is reflected and projected on those around them, influenced by all in a good way. They generally arouse great sympathy from locals and strangers. Another of their detectable attributes is their great generosity.

These natives will have huge appearance and sympathy. Very good partners and companions, their feet on the ground will make them lose more than one option in life because of distraction. They will try to relate in war or in love, where they will dance the same seduction dance, leaving little chance for your opponent to catch them distracted and escape.

The Birth Runes:

October 23rd to November 22nd – Perthtroqual Rune

They like privacy and solitude, preferably surrounded by nature. Great lovers of keeping their personal spaces even within their family nucleus or among friends. However, they are good at externalizing their feelings when they feel confident. They have the ability to reflect this trust and reciprocate it.

They will be able to come into the deepest mysteries with their mind, starting with themselves. Probably wear dark glasses since they will feel that like them, others will read their secrets in their eyes.

They will like to make themselves invisible and very noticeable when they want to. Why not if they can? They will like privacy and places surrounded by water and vegetation. They will have a very intense sexuality and also be tremendously suspicious of their privacy, being modest and deep in this respect.

November 23rd to December 21st – Teiwazruna Rune

Warriors by nature, brave in all aspects of their life, they are very competitive in love and at work, and never take no for an answer. In some moments they tend to be impulsive and adventurous; they are not easily daunted and tend to show their intentions from the get-go.

Its literal translation will be warrior and they will pursue their goals at first sight, which is sharp and impulsive. They like to be heard either in an act of great solemnity or in a clown theatre. They are adventurers, travellers, conquerors, and loving.

December 22nd to January 20th – Othalacual Rune

Faithful to family traditions, to the reunions between friends, they are wise since childhood. They have the ability to navigate different situations in life and are hardly caught off guard in any situation. They have the ability to be foresight and planners, and tend to profit from negative experiences.

Forecasters with a high capacity to crystallize the material in their life. Professionally, they will not be caught by surprise, as in general, they will be able to foresee in the very long term. They will not take experiences hastily, will generally rise in achievements and status above their place of origin, and will have somewhat fixed ideas.

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