Who was it

Saint Marcus of Leon is the creator of the most important of all the gospels, since it was the first one to be written, “The Gospel of San Marcus”, based on the testimony of Saint Peter.

On the other hand, San Marcus of Leon is called that way since he is always painted with a lion by his side; this is due to a phrase that Saint Peter left written:

Our enemy, the devil, like a roaring lion, goes around us looking for someone to attack». (1 P. 5,8)

The story says that Saint Marcus was nominated as the bishop of the city of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt. However, in that city and as it is said, he made lots of miracles, created a church and a school of Christianism, and named ecclesiastical authorities.

Saint Marcus of Leon


Historians say that on April 25 in year 68 he died after being tortured in the city of Alexandria by the enemies of Christian religion. Besides, his assassins tried to burn his body, but they couldn’t. However, the body was recovered intact by his faithful in Alexandria, wrapping it subsequently to bury it in that city. After that and in the IX century, the body of Saint Marcus was moved to Venice, being as a result the city of which he is the saint patron and where there are thousands of faithful today who venerate him in the very beautiful Saint Marcus’ Cathedral, built in his honor.

What he is invoked for

Saint Marcus of Leon is asked for controlling judgments, opponents and delicate situations. He is also the saint patron of judges and lawyers. Therefore, it is for this reason that these commend themselves to him every time they have a difficult judgement (prayer) to come out victorious and win the case.

However, they also turn to him to ask him for things related to love. Similarly, to calm the partner down, to make the partner come back, among other similar things.


Such prayer must be said during 3 consecutive days, always at the same time.On the last day, it is recommended to light a white candle as a thanking action to the saint for attending the request.

¡Oh, fair and protective saint! Blessed Saint Marcus of Leon!, you who avoided the disgrace of the dragon, calm down the hearts, the bad feelings and the bad thoughts of those who are against me.

With your strength and power and with the help of Saint John and the Holy Spirit, I ask you that if they have eyes, they do not look at me; if they have hands, they do not touch me; if they have a tongue, they do not talk to me; may with the pieces of iron they have, they not hurt me.

Saint John, if your friends come, let them arrive. Saint Marcus, if the fair arrive, let them get close.

Saint Marcus of Leon, as well as you calmed down the thirst of the lion and at your feet it remained dominated, calm down my enemies and those who want bad things for me.

Stop them, may they not get to me. Calm them down, may they not get close to me. Control them, so that they do not get to me.

My enemies are brave like a lion. But they will be calmed down, surrended and dominated by Saint John and Saint Marcus of Leon. Amen.


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