Triangle in the palm: Palmistry

Palmistry is the attempt at divination through the reading of the lines of the hand. Consequently, it is a branch of chirology based on the study of the lines and mountains that are in the palms of the hands. As a result, through observation, the psychological and physiological profile of a person is supposedly revealed. On the other hand, the triangle in the palm is one of the elements among others that indicate that the person was a witch or sorcerer in her other lifetime.

The psychic triangle

It is located under the ring finger. Therefore, it can be difficult to notice since in this part of the palm, the lines are very thin. As a result, if you have it, it means that you blocked your powers because you committed “magic crimes” in your past life. That is, you used black magic to do some damage. That is why, in this life, your powers are disabled.

In the same sense, it can be said that it is a defense mechanism so that you do not harm yourself anymore. However, this triangle in the palm is really like a psychic prison where your magic is caged. On the other hand, there is a way to wake it up!

 triángulo en la palma

Other symbols that accompany it:

The Secret Cross (also known as the Mystic Cross)

This is a cross-shaped sign or X, which is between the heart line and the head line.

Undoubtedly, it is considered that people who have these signs in the palm know their magical powers from a very early age. Similarly it is associated with magicians and witches.

The Psychic Cross

This sign is usually located at the root of each finger. Each represents a different planetary entity. Therefore, when a psychic cross is found, we must first identify the finger with the appropriate planet and see what it means.

Index finger

This is the finger of Jupiter. Therefore, the psychic cross on this finger means that the good luck of Jupiter is on your side. Magical opportunities will emerge that will help you to achieve success. It also means that you have an extraordinary capacity for magical wisdom. Also, wise teachers feel attracted to you. Later in your life, you will be destined to become a magical teacher.

Middle finger

This is the finger of Saturn. Therefore, if a psychic cross is found there, Saturn, the planet of the witches, blesses you. You have the ability to learn through the easy and difficult way. In addition, you have been blessed by a hard and strict teacher, but you learn magic through your experiences. You will discover your extremely large power capacity once you have found quality time for yourself.

Ring finger

This is the finger of the sun. Therefore, if you see a cross there, you are blessed by the sun and Apollo, the God of magic and prophecy. You have the power to attract what you need in your life. You are a magician / sorceress. This means that your love life can become an inspiration in your magical activities.

Little finger

This is the finger of Mercury. Of course, this changes everything. Mercury is the planet associated with all magical works and divination. From an early age, you have met with the magical world. Therefore, if you are blessed with this sign, you are born to love magic and be good at it.

It means that Mercury and Hermes, the wise god, have blessed your birth and made you a powerful wizard / witch. You must use your brain and your heart to develop your magical abilities.

The Healer’s Mark

Four or more parallel lines at the bottom of the little finger means that there is an indicator that this person is a powerful healer. In the same way the healers’ marks indicate that these people have the great capacity to touch people’s hearts and similarly find ways to heal their scars, both emotional and physical.

Triangle in the palm

Astral travel lines

Under the Mount of the Moon, these palm signs indicate a natural ability to transcend time and space.

Undoubtedly, this is a person born to travel both physically and in the astral plane. In other words, the one born with the Astral Travel lines has a natural ability to become a great wizard / witch since he / she can project himself / herself on the astral plane.

Triangle in the palm: How to wake up your magic

Undoubtedly, the key to unlocking our powers is love, and above all acceptance of ourselves and others. Therefore, once again, we can become pious when we forgive others and ourselves. Of course, a ritual to break the spell: cleansing and the energy awakening spell will help you!

In conclusion, we hope that this knowledge on the signs that our palms have has been very useful. On the other hand, do you have any questions? Do you know any other? Write your comments.


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