Symptoms of the Evil

Symptoms of the Evil eye: Everyone has ever heard about the evil eye or the beating. Some claim to have been affected by this force and others claim to know how to cure it. But what is exactly the evil eye? Myth or reality? And how can one protect oneself from the beating? Mainly, what are the symptoms and how is the evil eye removed?

In many Latin American and Mediterranean cultures, the belief in the evil eye is quite common. In general terms, the evil eye is a physical, mental and emotional condition caused by the gaze of a person who is considered powerful.

Síntomas del mal de ojos

What causes the evil eye?

Usually, it is believed that the evil eye is caused intentionally or that it comes from the envy and hatred that such a person feels towards her “victim”, although there are cases in which the evil eye can be produced unintentionally. Most urban myths and legends have a root in reality. As they are passed from culture to culture and generation to generation, details are modified and more myths are combined with the original story. The evil eye can have many causes, but primarily it is a manifestation of  energy.

The most important symptoms of the evil eye:

First, different disorders of the digestive system: The affected person could lose the desire to eat, develop diarrhea, continuous vomiting, or related disorders.

Second, frequent mood swings: Those afflicted with an evil eye may experience mood swings without any apparent cause. From one moment to another the person could go from being happy to having an uncontrolled crying, feeling melancholic, that her life suddenly makes no sense, etc.

Third, sleep disorders: It could also affect the neurological system, the ability to relax.

Fourth, skin problems: If the power of the evil eye is very high, allergies and outbreaks may occur in different parts of the dermis.

How to remove the evil eye?

First of all, we must make sure that they have really put an evil eye on us. The symptoms are quite specific, but they can be related to many diseases.

To remove the evil eye there are different rituals and amulets, and the indications to perform or use them can be easily found through the network. Some of these rituals are very old and effective (such as those that use an egg to absorb any negative energy from the body), while others claim to be effective, when they are not really.

There are clairvoyants who specialize in this type of evil; it may be a good idea to visit them when all else has failed.