Purple Fluorite: What is it?

Purple fluorite is a very popular gem in the metallurgical industry because of its fast casting ability. This is the reason why its name is derived from Latin fluere, which means to flow. It is also used as a flux of iron and steel. It has a crystalline surface and is usually associated with quartz and calcite since its properties are similar.

It is also known as the “stone of genius”. Purple fluorite is one of the most important minerals for the human being due to its wide range of properties and uses, both in the spiritual and industrial context, as well as for its ability to flow under ultraviolet light.

During the 18th century it was ground in powder and mixed with water to treat kidney diseases. This may have been based on the fact that the ancient Roman believed that drinking alcoholic beverages from carved fluorite vessels would prevent drunkenness.

Purple Fluorite


Deposits of this stone are found in Germany, Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Purple Fluorite: Properties

Mystical properties

It helps in meditation, increases psychic development, brings spiritual peace and fulfillment. As we develop spiritually, we arrive at a place on our journey where we have to make a commitment; fluorite will help you to decide if you are really ready for this important commitment.

For some, purple fluorite will help you to begin to channel the information that is crucial to following your spiritual development. This stone is more than a “mind stone”, it also radiates energy through the body of light.

Purple Fluorite

Healing properties

Fluorite works as a treatment to deal with infections and disorders. It is highly beneficial for teeth, cells, bones and reactivate sexual libido, in addition to serving to repair the damage caused to DNA. In addition, fluorite is useful to cure viruses, especially if it is used in the form of elixir.

Among the benefits of fluorite as a treatment for the body, it helps to regenerate the skin and mucous membranes, particularly in the respiratory tract, thus relieving colds, flu and sinusitis, and it heals ulcers and wounds as well. Fluorite improves discomfort caused by herpes and other nervous disorders.

As a treatment for bones, this stone has healing properties that dissolve adhesions and mobilize joints, relieve arthritis, rheumatism and spinal injuries. In addition, if the body is caressed with it in the direction of the heart, it relieves pain.


For cleaning these stones must be immersed in a cold infusion (made with distilled water) of sage for 30 minutes. Fluorite is a soft and delicate mineral and it never must be cleaned with the method of water and salt since it would lose its shine.


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