The Eye of Ra is an entity of ancient Egyptian mythology that represents the female counterpart of the god Ra, in addition to a violent force that subdues his enemies. The Eye is an extension of the power of Ra, associated with the disk of the sun, but it can also behave as an independent entity, which can be personified by a wide variety of Egyptian goddesses, including Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet and Mut. The goddess of the Eye acts as mother, sister, companion and daughter of the sun god.

Eye of Ra

Uses and meanings

The Eye of Ra was involved in several areas of the ancient Egyptian religion, including the cults of many goddesses that were associated with it. Its power to give life was celebrated by performing rituals in temples, and its dangerous appearance was used to protect the pharaoh, sacred places and ordinary people in their homes.

It represents the power of the sun, the strength, the power of Ra. It carries the suffix «T» referring to the fact that it is something feminine, hence Goddesses like Sekhmet have among their epithets «The eye of Ra».


On the other hand, with respect to its violent nature, the Eye becomes protection and defends the god Ra from any element or enemy that threatens to destabilize his government. The danger character presented by the goddess of the Eye is represented by a lioness, next to an uraeus or a cobra, which have the meaning of protection and real authority.

Benefits of using the Eye as an amulet

  • The myth says that its evocation can be used to fight the evil eye.
  • Is used as a symbol of protection of families and the souls of deceased persons.
  • It has the attribute of being able to attract health and well-being to the person in the home or any role she plays.
  • promotes prosperity and rebirth.
  • It breaks with evil prayers, as well as any illness generated by negative feelings.
  • It is used as an amulet for protection and good luck.
  • has the power to scare away evil spirits and negative energies from places.
  • It has a great effect on the restoration and regeneration of the five senses.
  • The image of the eye also symbolizes life and health.
  • It is used in the form of amulets such as pendants, chains or bracelets.
  • The material in which they are manufactured is in gold and silver, although other materials are also used. They are even used by people as adhesives and even eye-shaped tattoos are made for protection.