Horoscope for Leo in September: During this 2019 Leo will feel how different events are going to take place in a much more fluid way. You will feel that there are new projects on the horizon and that you will be able to reap the fruits of last year. You will have moments of doubt and melancholy in the middle of the year, but don’t lose your temper.

Horoscope for Leo


Regarding with work, Leo is going to have lots of opportunities to socialize, although there are going to be several obstacles in its relationship with the authority and the collaborators.

But Leo is a smart sign, capable of solving problems with great caution and this year will be no less. Make sure you are impartial in judging the people around you since you could get help from people you don’t expect. To summarize, be open about your career and you can see the future with more optimism.


Love outlook:

What if you knew how to live as a couple? Venus invites you to be romantic. At the beginning of the month, you will experience the need to prove to others your desire to commit. You will put everything on your side. What if you felt something? Love communication is favored. In other words, you will take initiatives, and this does you good.

If you are in a couple:

If your relationship had become suffocating, you will finally find an emergency exit. Indeed, by investing in dialogue, you will find a new breathing. Your partner is grateful for your efforts. You will take a new direction, your relationship will get better, a beautiful complicity will return.

If you are single:

You are waiting for love tests that are taking long; however, you see no further than your nose. A person is revolving around, at one point you have to stop pretending not to see him / her. Without a doubt a beautiful love story just asks to be born.


2019 is a year in which important financial changes will take place for Leo. Your spirit will repress large extravagant expenses for a while, and you could also inherit a large amount of money.

The planets will ensure that they meet your needs, not your greed. There are probably some financial burdens because of development projects, but you can still help those around you and are going through financial difficulties.


In 2019, your general health will be excellent. You certainly have an inexhaustible energy that will help you to realize your aspirations in life. This year you will have a lot of physical activity.

It is a propitious moment to enjoy any type of sport, which will also act as an incentive for physical and mental well-being. Listen to your inner voice when it comes to diet. During the year, it is possible you suffer a state of fatigue, thus maintaining a strict work and rest program.

Horoscope for Leo