Camael is known as the Archangel of Love. His name means “The one who sees God” or “The one who seeks God”.  As a result, his work is to foster in human beings gratitude towards God and unconditional and selfless love. Without a doubt, as the archangel of love, you can ask for his help and presence if you want to integrate his virtues, gifts and services into your life.


Other names

He is known as Kamael, Camel, Camiel, Camniel, Kamuel, Kemuel, Khamael, Samael, and Shamael. It is also linked to Haniel or Aniel, and sometimes both are identified as the same being.

Camael: Who is he?

It is said in some traditions that he is the angel who expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword. But he is often depicted in iconography holding a chalice. Therefore, he is called the angel of the Sangraal.

Camael is also identified, along with Gabriel, as the regent of the Choir of Powers. As a result, he personifies Divine Justice and is one of the 7 Archangels of the Presence.

In Druid mythology he is identified as the God of War. Allusion to his regency on Mars, the planet associated with the characteristics of the Sephirah Geburah: freeing from its obsolete envelope the essence that will have to continue its ascent in evolution.

Camael and his relationship with love

The idea of Camael as the archangel of love is based on his name and his identification with the planet Venus. It is also related to the color pink, which is why pink candles are lit during rituals and invocations to ask for his help. It is also assigned the Anahata chakra (fourth chakra) or heart chakra.

The day of this archangel is Tuesday, which is considered the ideal time to invoke him or ask for his help. However, the most propitious day to perform a ritual, prayer or invocation for the Archangel Camael is February 14, Valentine’s Day, which could be considered his day.


The qualities of this Archangel are mainly associated with the virtues of unconditional love for God and neighbor, dedication or service to others. Without a doubt to the devotion and gratitude towards God, to the appreciation and respect for life. On the other hand to the sweetness, tenderness, affection, tolerance, self-acceptance, compassion, mercy, charity and beauty.

What is asked of this archangel?

He is usually asked for the following: to fill us with love, to free us from resentment, rancor and hatred, to free us from bitterness, to help us with our lack of self-esteem. Also to help us move from desire-passion to unconditional and selfless love, to help us when someone hates or envies us, to free us from loneliness, to make us more generous, sweet, and compassionate.


To invoke him, you should go to a remote place and carry with you a pink candle, which you should rub with both hands, going from its base to the tip, repeating this movement 7 times. Later, on a cardboard you must write what you want together with a thank you.

Subsequently, light your candle, read your wishes and when you finish, you must thank the archangel, fold the cardboard and place it under the candle. Recite the following prayer:

Dear Archangel Camael, today I bless you and I love you.

I beg you to keep your pink flame bathing me with your love

and worship of God until it grows

always filling my whole life. Receive my requests

and fulfill them with your heavenly love that you have to offer me.

Thank you! Amen”.


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