Ascendant sign in Gemini. The ascendant is the zodiac sign that appears on the horizon at the precise moment of the birth of a person. To determine the ascendant it is necessary to be clear about the exact date, hour and minute of the birth.

Ascendant sign in Gemini

The sign of the ascendant represents personality, temperament, and indicates the behavior and image we have before others.

The ascendants of Gemini vary according to the date and time of birth of the person.

Ascendant Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury

The Mercurian is characterized by his vivacity of spirit, his mobility and his flexibility. He often has an “eternal youth”, a youthful aura and a taste for variety, change and movement. In fact, he is also a bit unstable, he gets bored quickly and sometimes it is difficult for him to finish what he has started with so much passion.

You are a logical person. Your approach of the world is defined from your intellect, and you consider the facts from a critical point of view, without letting yourself be influenced by feelings or resentment. On the one hand, you are very skilled, both with your hands and with your mind, but on the other hand you lack patience, you lose concentration and you often entertain yourself with sterile controversies by the mere fact of discussing. You can give the feeling of being a superficial or inconstant person. You would gain a lot if you forced yourself a little more sentimentally, and not only in love issues!


The person with an ascendant in Gemini develops a good ability to be in contact with very different people, is also open to all kinds of information not to be seen but to be able to give that information to those who need it. He / she has an orderly mind and agile intelligence, so he / she knows how and where to apply his / her knowledge.

He / she can convey the information he / she has clearly, so that anyone can understand it, even the less prepared or slower mentally.

Signo ascendente en gemini

Aspects to consider and correct

The ascendant must be an integrating point of the entire card, any automatic identification with that archetype would not be positive. We need a good self-observation to realize how we have been developing the qualities of our ascendant sign. In a few words not to adapt to the environment, but to reach the goal of the soul: the birth star, in this case Gemini.

Relationship with others

This sign may lack commitment, all the information interests it and it may lack a good selection in relation to what it learns. Individual objectives that are free from the conditioning of the collective must be learned; its opposite sign is Sagittarius, which is in the Descendant. In other words, it must integrate and recognize qualities of freedom and commitment to an individual and unique objective.

Goal in life:

The ascendant, as we have seen, is calculated when the person is born; it is also an indication of the purpose of that incarnation. This is why the person with the ascendant in Gemini opens up to multiplicity, and from that learning he / she approaches the synthesis of opposites. In other words, he / she knows how to discern the highest information and tries to stimulate others mentally, with spontaneity and joy.

Ascendant sign in Gemini!.