The Star of Solomon consists of two interlocking triangles so that they give rise to a six-pointed star. Wirth calls it the “star of the microcosm,” a sign of the mood of the individual who has selfless self-denial. It actually symbolizes the human soul as a union of consciousness and the unconscious, represented by fire (triangle) and water (inverted triangle).

The Star of Solomon

Solomon’s Seal

It is believed that the hexagram is connected to the “Seal of Solomon,” which according to tradition is the magic ring engraved used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. This seal is attributed magical powers.

According to alchemists, the immaterial principle that the philosophers called Azoth is represented in the “seal of Solomon” by a not figured central point and that should be seen only with imagination.

Star of Solomon , according to the book The Oracle of Solomon or The Book of destinies, is a figure of the six-pointed star from the outside inwards formed by:

El Oráculo Sagrado de Salomón.
The Oracle of Salomon

  1. A containment circle where the 12 zodiac signs are located.
  2. In the following circle the figures of an eagle, a bat and a scale are.
  3. First triangle with a skull, an owl and an hourglass.
  4. Second triangle in whose centre there is an eye.


The Seal of Solomon has its base on the ground and whose apex reaches the sky symbolizes:

  • The harmony of the opposite elements.
  • It reflects the cosmic order: the heavens and also the movement of the stars.
  • The perpetual flow that is established between heaven and earth, between the air and fire elements.
  • The Seal, therefore, symbolizes superhuman wisdom and government by divine grace.

Star of Solomon has been used since immemorial times in magic, witchcraft, and astrology.

King Solomon was the son of King David. It is said that Solomon was granted wisdom and knowledge, in addition to the power to distinguish morally between good and evil, and a total understanding of the universe. 

Finally it is said that what is sealed under this symbol cannot be undone.

«Put me as a seal on your heart» (The Song of Solomon Songs, 8.6).