Annabelle: Learn the real story of the doll: Annabelle’s story goes back to 1970, when a woman gave her 20-year-old daughter Donna a doll. The daughter studied to be a nurse and lived with her classmate, Angie.

Annabelle: The real story

Donna always put it on the bed, but the doll changed places every so often. Or it was in different positions than it was left. Without a doubt, this was what made the girls think that there was a person who wanted to scare them or make them have a bad moment.

By ruling out this possibility, every day that passed they were more terrified; they even thought they could go crazy. One of the most impressive positions of the doll was to find it kneeled, and this because it was a rag doll and due to the type of material that was made, it was impossible!

Days went by and things started to get worse because they found messages written on a type of paper they didn’t have in the house which said “Help me” or “Help Lou.” Lou was Angie’s boyfriend who stayed with them once in a while.


Contact with a medium

One day, they both noticed that the doll, apart from having been moved, they also noticed something more frightening: it had blood stains in the back, in the hands and in the chest. It was at that moment that they decided to contact a medium to help them to understand what was happening.

This medium told them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl, called Annabelle Higgins who was killed on site before the apartments were built.

When she died, she was only 7 years old. The girl wanted to live inside the doll since she wanted to be loved by girls and live with them. When hearing the story and feeling sorry for the girl, Donna and Angie decided to keep her.

Consequently and unfortunately this was where things got out of control. Sometimes they found the doll standing in the dining room, or even in rooms that were locked.

Intervention by Mr and Mrs Warren

This is where they ask for specialized help from the famous Mr and Mrs Warren, a marriage formed by demonologist Ed warren and medium Lorraine Warren who concluded that it was not a girl. However, it was an inhuman presence that wanted to possess a human host. The Warrens convinced a priest whose last namewas Cooke to exorcise the apartment after the couple took the doll away.

They took her home, but the journey was very difficult because they almost caused an accident on the road.

As time went by, this story was the inspiration for the creation of the famous horror films Annabelle and The Spell.

In conclusion, we can say that currently this doll lives in Warren’s family museum, inside a glass urn.

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