The UCV is the so-called “Universidad Central de Venezuela” or Central University of Venezuela, it is a public university of Venezuela located in Caracas. It was founded in 1721. Consequently, it is the oldest institution of higher education in the country. Its main headquarters, the University City of Caracas, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. It has a space of 202.53 hectares, in which, according to history and its students, it has been and continues to be the place of multiple appearances, which gives us the main reason to write this article about the appearances at the UCV.

The nun from the photography lab

There is no student at the School of Social Communication at the Central University of Venezuela who has not heard of a nun who appears in the photography labs. Professor Mario Corro has never seen it, but he has felt it. “In order to develop the photos, we have to turn off the light. One day I was working and I started to feel a distressing chill and I had to leave. I did not get in the room until the students arrived.”

The tutor says that when the university was inaugurated, the building that now are the schools of Social Communication and Nutrition were the female residences, as well as the structure where the Arts and Statistics work today were the male ones, according to the original design by Carlos Raúl Villanueva. “The Pérez Jiménez government asked the sisters to look after the women’s residences to prevent men from entering the rooms.

UCV appearances

What the nuns did was that they allowed the girls to receive the young men in the lobby to converse”, says Corro. But the story gets spicy, when “one of the nuns fell in love with a bachelor, and he ignored her. And instead of taking off her habits and living her normal life, she hanged herself out of spite”.

From generation to generation

 The history of that nun has been passed down from generation to generation, for decades.  As a result, new entrants are counted from the first days, and ratified with each registration to the subject. The photography room, a dark place and supposed hiding place for fear, is located at the end of a corridor, at the end of the structure, solitary, without windows.

It is part of the career history, and therefore has an impact even on the academic performance of students.

But the spectrum is not confined to a classroom. A school security guard claims to have seen her, and it is rumoured among the students that the woman appears at night in the ladies’ restrooms.

In conclusion, do not miss next Friday the second part of this article “Appearances at the UCV”. Where you will find more information about the paranormal that happens in this house of studies!


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