Chavakiah: Who is it?

We can first start by saying that Chavakiah is an angel, who is called upon to be good to everyone. Above all, it eliminates the strength of those who want to offend us, and similarly helps in the reconciliation of spouses. As a result, it provides harmony in families. In the same sense, we can say that the name of this angel means “God who gives joy.”

Grace that grant

It grants the grace to reconcile with all those whom one has offended (in this life, or in theoretical previous lives). On the other hand, it also assists in the partitions of wills in a friendly way. It certainly also maintains peace and harmony in families. Similarly, it fosters understanding between parents and children. Consequently, it avoids the temptation to fall into discord, as well as unfair and ruinous processes.

The essence “Reconciliation” refers to everything from the past that has been suspended. However, not only in terms of broken relationships, but all kinds of actions. In a similar way even those of another life and that it is necessary to pay them off now.



Angel number: 35 of La Cabala
Choir to which it belongs: Powers. It is situated in the Gueburah sphere and works on matters related to the Hesed sphere. It means: “God who gives joy”
Essence that brings: Reconciliation. Planet: Mars – Sign: Virgo. Its stone: aquamarine.

When to summon it

We must first know that it can be invoked: from September 14th to 18th, inclusive all day and night. Consequently, those born on these dates can invoke it all year round and at any time. Also: April 25th, July 9th, September 22nd, December 3rd, February 12th all day too. On the other hand, in the daily cycle: from 11:20 to 11:40 h after sunrise.

Born under its influence:

Those born under the influence of Chavakiah are those born between September 14th and 18th. Which will undoubtedly be specialists in reconciliations, their own and those of others. In other words, they will be good mediators. The most important thing is that these people like to be at peace with everyone. To clarify there will always be in them an intention to please everyone above all, in order not to incur new enmities.

They hate fighting, either with themselves or with a loved one. They are able to quickly solve any type of problem, because they are practical and organized.

Their vocation for details helps them in their daily work. Their biggest problem is the tendency to be very demanding, not only with others, but especially with themselves. If they learn to be tolerant, life will seem much easier to them. In the emotional field, even though they are physically attractive and have no problem relating to the opposite sex, they are not in a hurry to find their soul mate. Professions indicated: public relations and actions in the social area, because the Chavakiah protégé has a lot of facility to deal with people, regardless of social or cultural level.



CHAVAKIAH: Help me, Lord, so that the voice of my Ego can reach my mind. Help me, Lord, to understand the strange language of the divine religions.

Help me, CHAVAKIAH: Put in me the strength of decision necessary to break with evil habits and thus be the basis of a new universe.

Inspire me, Lord, the right word, the appropriate gesture, the tone that creates in heaven what human hands ground on earth.

Help me, OH CHAVAKIAH! to find the appropriate physical space for the creation of this new universe. I will be the firm material, the lime and the cement of Your Work, and I offer you my body and my vehicles to build the new Eden with them”.

“Angel Chavakiah, we ask you to protect us with your light on this difficult path of coexistence.

Give us strength, patience and love so that we can resolve differences in the best possible way.

May the disharmony that reigns in my home be cleaned, removed and breaks all the evil that comes to disunite brothers, parents and children.

Grow the love and union we deserve and live in Peace and Love. Amen”.

In short, we hope that our article has helped you to know the benefits of this angel. In the same way we hope that you invoke it to help you in these reconciliation issues.