Appearances at the UCV:

In our first part about the appearances at the UCV, we commented on “The nun from the photography lab”, this time we bring you the stories of the shadow walkers and other appearances from the nursing school, we hope they will be to your liking.

UCV shadow walkers

A large number of students from the Central University of Venezuela assure that when they stay for classes until late at night, it is normal to see several people walking through the central corridor, on the way to No Man’s Land. However, it is very difficult to get a good look at their faces because they always have it facing the ground. On the other hand, they do not walk close enough to the light to be recognized. However, the question of many is if they are criminals or if they are the famous shadow walkers.

Appearances at the UCV

Appearances at the School of Nursing (Sebucán headquarters)

The School of Nursing of the Central University of Venezuela, is separated from the University City, it is located in the Sebucán urbanization. An almost centennial history precedes it and serves as a shelter for the almost 600 students, teachers and workers that currently occupy it. However, since 1992 it has functioned as the UCV undergraduate nursing home, as well as some postgraduate degrees in the medical specialty.


“Formerly it functioned as the residence of the novitiate of the Sacred Heart of Los Dos Caminos, while it was owned by the Congregation of De La Salle Brothers”.

Inside it consists of 5 buildings, where it is believed that shadows of a hospital activity that occurred during the 1950s, in a Caracas very different from today, are visualized. Within its walls, teachings are given to young people. But this building seems to have even more stories than it tells.

In tours of the UCV School of Nursing, its students and workers tell the legend of alleged apparitions that roam the building. Jackson, one of the young men who takes care of the facility, says that many students, teachers, and co-workers claim to have seen the ghost of a nun walking through the corridors. He does not know, but the legend persists and is shared by some young people who study there.

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