Angels on Earth

Angels on Earth: The mission of the angels is to guide men through the ages. For this, these invisible beings generally beneficially influence human intelligence. When necessary, these angels have lived with men, taking on human appearance and sometimes that of any animal, as required, since they are there to serve and lead men towards their task, without ever leading him to evil.

Angels on Earth

Today these spirits coexist with men, crossing spaces and giving signs of their presence, because the world is in crisis and needs a lot of help. There are angels who at one time have helped peoples and nations out of the primitive state. Races confined to different parts of the Earth, have known agriculture, mining, letters, science and the arts, technology; under the same standard and teaching.

How to recognize the presence of angels?

If you are a spiritual person, you surely believe in the signals and have a huge perception about intangible beings and the vibrations that they send, you will also have experienced strange sensations that you may have been able to interpret.

Angels on Earth

They listen carefully

They are those people who have the quality of connecting with you because they manage to listen to you. Interested in what happens to you, they get involved and they advise you. In fact, you manage to feel understood and calmer after talking to someone like them.

They are sensitive

They have the wonderful ability to feel all emotions deeply, they are very perceptive. And every so often they talk about their intuition. Their sensitivity makes it easy for them to identify with you, they are characterized by instant empathy.

They have a special smile

And I do not mean that perfect smile by a beauty standard. A smile that just by seeing it conveys beautiful sensations: tenderness, laughter, peace, love. With their smile they are able to say what words cannot tell.

They love to hug

Their hugs are the most comforting. They are always there, at the right time to give the necessary hug. Tend to give hugs that last forever, tight and always end with a look in the eye.

They always tell the truth

Although it hurts, they will always convey the truth. They consider that, if that truth hurts you, it will be temporary, but you will take something much more beautiful and lasting with you, such as the experience and the strength of being able to face that truth. They motivate you to have the courage to remove the veil from your eyes.


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