Sweetening with a photo: Recover your relationship: Before making a sweetening, we must know what it is and what it is for. In other words, because we do not want to do any harm to people, or have consequences that we have to regret. A sweetening is a white magic spell, used in different religions to recover a relationship that is in crisis. That is, it enlivens the feelings of couples who, due to stress, routine and other inconveniences have decreased. Consequently, it does not work with unincorporated couples. Therefore, there must be a love relationship between the person who will perform the sweetening and the person to be sweetened. As a result otherwise it will have no effect. Therefore, photo sweetening is among one of the most effective and easy to do, so we bring you several options below:

Sweetening with a photo

Sweetening with a photo and honey

The spells that are made with this ingredient are usually quite effective and simple to perform because honey is the universal element that has always been used to attract the desired person. Honey can be used both to revive passion, and to attract a person, as well as to be somewhat more attractive.


A glass jar, brown sugar and honey, the photo of the person.


Pour the sugar and honey next to the photo into the jar, and stir it with a spoon until the photo is completely covered. While this happens, be sure to visualize the person and what you want.  Simultaneously it is good that you say the following words:

“Everything moves, everything sweetens, may you love for me seduce me.”

Sweetening with a photo

Sweetening with honey, paper and a red ribbon


1 photo of the loved one


A red ribbon

A crystal glass

1 sheet of paper


To make this photo sweetening first take a glass and fill with honey. Second, take the photo of the person you want to sweeten and make a roll. Then, tie the picture with the red ribbon and make 4 knots. Similarly, put it in the glass with honey, it should be well covered.

In the same way, on the sheet of paper write your desire for love with that person. Wet your finger a little with honey and mark the edge of the glass with it. After that, cover the glass with the sheet of paper, it should be sealed by the contact with honey. Above all, keep the glass in a safe place, so that nobody can touch it and for 1 month; in a few days you will notice the changes.

All in all, do you know any other sweetening that is effective? Do you have any doubt about these ones? Write your comments!