Capricorn with Capricorn: Ideal or impossible relationship? Capricorn is one of the safest and most stable signs of the zodiac. However, they can also be very temperamental, and if they don’t have a space for themselves, they can feel overwhelmed.

Next, you will find compatibility with a partner of the same sign…

Positive aspects

The relationship between Capricorn and Capricorn is very compatible, the double combination of Earth increases this compatibility. The two will be a combination of passionate people who share the instinct to achieve prosperity and prestige, so they are likely to match the same values and objectives.

Generally, relationships between Capricorns begin with friendships that, over time, tend to strengthen their ties and that is where the love of a couple is born, although it is actually said that it is in friendship where they work best.

Capricorn and Capricorn

It is a balanced relationship since both are practical, cautious and reserved people. In addition, they share a very particular sense of humor. So it is very easy for them to have friends of this same sign, and from there to love there is only one step.

Negative Aspects

Since they are cardinal signs, both will want to exercise leadership roles at home, which will be a problem in the relationship. In this case, either of them must yield.

The pessimistic tendencies of each one could be a time bomb, so they must find a balance in this particular.

Capricorn and Capricorn

In case of having separate objectives and not agree on any, it is very possible that the relationship ends, especially if one of the two does not take into account the other’s objectives.

Both are very spiteful, so in the relationship it is possible that past mistakes come to light, so Capricorn will not react in the best way.

For the relationship to work

For the relationship between Capricorns to work, there are several things that must be taken into account, especially the fact that both are very competitive and tend to take their jobs seriously.

In this particular Capricorns spend more time in the office, since professional growth and money are very important for them in their life.

For it to work they must make sure they find quality time; surprise the partner with a romantic date, or a date without necessarily being their anniversary.

Never neglect the economic issue; that is, to encourage both individual and couple stability at this level. Remember that for those born under this sign, money implies security. And for them it is very important to create investment foci, where they feel interested at the same time. That is, the business topic should interest them to give free rein to their imagination, and it will be much more pleasant if it is from the hand of their partner.