Weekly Horoscope III September

Here is the Weekly Horoscope III September Check your Horoscope corresponding to week III September where you will get the best predictions, so you can make the right decisions during the week.

Weekly Horoscope III September

Aries: March 21 to April 20

Manage to keep your state of peace, do not allow third parties to enter your family protection circle. Take advantage of the Full Moon to activate yourself and thus be able to do things as you have to. Nothing is by chance, everything is planned by the energies of the Universe. It is time to connect with people of light and not with dark people

Weekly Horoscope III September

Tauro: April 21 to May 20

It’s a busy week and you need to pay attention to the signs. That is what you have to do, being grateful for everything you deserve. Learn to receive those gifts that the Universe wants to give you with open arms. You will feel like you are coming up again, and you are.

Weekly Horoscope III September

Géminis: May 21 to June 21

Do not despair because help is on the way; it is what the stars tell you. Seek support from those who have served as a pillar for you. Showing solidarity to others will make you feel better and better about yourself. Look for new job options that make you feel much better.

Cáncer: June 22 to July 22

What you’ve been waiting for will happen, so be patient. Take a break and assess your situation so that you can make the best decision regarding the project you have in mind. Take advantage of the positive energy of this moon phase and be inspired to do things to improve your well-being.

Leo: July 23 to August 23

Try not to make comments that harm others, rather try to help those who need it. When you offer something, give it with love and honestly, do not take it out in any situation. Remember that your actions can open the way for everything to turn out the way you want it to.

Virgo: August 24 to September 22

Someone will be very impressed with your personality, thanks to your natural charm. Your kindness and good humour will open the doors of different projects and relationships for you. Something good is yet to come. Stability at both work and professional level is what the Full Moon indicates for Virgo

Libra: September 23 to October 22

The cosmos goes on favouring you in everything regarding earnings and recognition in payments, thanks to your effort and creativity. You will receive lots of blessings and rewards for all the things you have done by helping others as the light of your aura illuminates and inspires others.

Escorpio: October 23 to November 22

You will need to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to love matters. Go slowly and cautiously, don’t think that for a romantic night the commitment comes in addition. Beware of falling in love so fast, since that whim could leave you many troubles.

Sagitario: November 23 to December 21

Stay away from conflictive people who add nothing to your life. Try to maintain order within your home and office; this will generate a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Do not try to do many things at the same time, as you could get a little tangled up and fail in what you are undertaking

Capricornio: December 22 to January 19

Get straight to the point on family matters. Stay away from those people who may have a dubious reputation. Do not allow for misunderstandings, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Take care of your matters more than others, you can get hurt by getting involved in things that do not concern you.

Acuario:January 20 to February 18

It is the right time to beautify your entire environment and what surrounds you. Remember that whatever you think or want will happen that way, so be very careful of feelings of envy and bad energies that you may be sending others. You are not like that; reflect and check what happens inside

Piscis: February 19 to March 20

Try to sow good seeds to collect good fruit. Make sure that everything you do turns out right from now on. Face problems with great faith and integrity. Do not decay, much less collapse at this momentous moment in your life. Avoid letting things affect you as everything in life pass.


September 20th at 23:54:39 UT FULL MOON

September 21st at 03:12:40 UT The Moon enters Aries
 23rd at 12:37:58 UT The Moon enters Taurus
26th at 00:36:21 UT The Moon enters Gemini

The Moon in Aries: During this period, look for some kind of entertainment that generates calm and tranquillity. Your environment is a very important part of you, so keep everything going in harmony.

The Moon in Taurus: The Moon in Taurus will open the paths to success and therefore to abundance. Look for new investments that generate immediate and short-term returns. Some partner might suit you at this time.

The Moon in Gemini: Show others what you can do spontaneously and creatively. Develop reading and meditation during this moon period. It is the perfect time for you to expand your knowledge.

The Moon in Cancer: The Full Moon in Cancer points out that a very exciting day and with great joy awaits you. Revelations and dreams as well as spiritual messages will lead you to what is best for you. Trust and have faith.

Weekly Horoscope III September

It is the perfect time to make an offering to the earth with chakras, ideal for germination, to sow the seeds that will give fruits; this long-awaited fruit that will be the result of your effort and dedication. A week full of abundance and prosperity is expected, so don’t waste it.

These days will be marked by changes at internally, since the moon will control all your emotions. Keep calm and avoid getting angry about any situation as the effects of this moon phase will be very noticeable and explosive. Take a deep breath and get on with your job. Always keep your inner peace.

In love, this Full Moon will bring surprises. All those relationships that have not been committed yet could well be consolidated, so prepare to receive that statement you have waited for so long. On the other hand, for those already married, they will simply strengthen their relationship and seek new adventures to stoke passion.

Weekly Horoscope III September : Moment of reflection

Stop worrying!

It is quite common for human beings to suffer and worry about things that haven’t happened yet. So do not let fear take over you because of the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen; remember that everything that happens in the Universe has a perfect order and the experiences that each person has to live are not by chance, but it is their responsibility to learn from them in order to evolve.

Take into account that not necessarily what you have to learn to evolve is the same as what another person needs. Sure you will have to learn other lessons of life that are very different than others’. Each person is an individual, therefore, each one has a different destiny, for which they must live the experience that is necessary to advance.

Trust angels and the higher teachers, who are in charge of the evolutionary processes of each one. They are always being guided by each of those higher beings. The universal order indicates that if someone has completed their cycle, they will simply have to leave, so there is nothing to worry about.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.

Abraham Hicks.