When the Sun passes in Virgo you are ready to fix yourself more on the ground. Declare yourself a “healthy hedonist” for this phase and focus on your self-care. Responsible indulgence can be a fun challenge: trade burgers for salads or wild salmon on the grill. The job will require more attention, so do not leave the brain on vacation.

Before diving into new projects, reach the top of the ones you already have on the go. Systematize, organize and enter an efficient slot, you are the healthiest recommendation.

Sun in Virgo

Sun in Virgo in love

In the field of love, it makes individuals quite affectionate. But they are not very passionate. Since order and discipline are strong characteristics, they feel insecure about indulging in a passion.


Virgo natives are curious, they like to study, do research and do work that requires analytical sense. In the day to day, they are not very trusted people, which can interfere with the development of the team, since they do not succeed in imposing themselves on others. They are people who will be more successful in subordinate positions than as managers.

Sun in Virgo with the family

Virgo is not a very family-oriented sign, but is careful with family members. They are calm and like a tidy house, which can be reason for a fight between brothers and sisters. As adults, they like to be alone and they see no problem enjoying their own company. But when it constitutes a family, the one who has Sun in Virgo is a good companion and is concerned with the education of the children.

Sun in Virgo in friendships

Characteristic of individuals with the Sun in Virgo is the difficulty in trusting people, reflecting their lack of self-confidence. Therefore, they end up looking cold and take time to make great friends. But when they do, they are loving and a good shoulder to cry on.


Sun in Virgo

Virgo natives are detailed and careful, but have a hard time forming an overview of situations. They end up getting caught up in certain events and do not see the whole of things. With the Sun in Virgo, they are also methodical and studious. They like to learn and analyse complicated situations.

To give an opinion on a fact, they like to analyse, study and understand favourable and contrary arguments. They are quite intuitive, which makes them investigate a fact if they think it has something wrong. Because they are very meticulous, they can take a conclusion.


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