The rats in the cemetery : Written in English by Henry Kuttner.

The rats in the cemetery

Old Masson, who guarded one of the oldest cemeteries in Salem, had a constant fight with the rats. Generations earlier, a colony of rats had arrived at the cemetery from the docks. And when Mason took office, after the previous guardian had inexplicably disappeared, he made the decision to exterminate them. At first he spread poison and traps around his burrows; later, he tried to annihilate them with shots, but all to no avail. Rats were still in place.

Their hungry hordes spread out, invading the cemetery. They were huge; even to be of the mus decumanus species, which is known, it can measure up to thirty-five centimetres without including the tail, grey and bare. Masson had stumbled upon several the size of a cat, and each time the gravediggers found another burrow; amazed confirmed that among these rotting caverns fit the body of a human being perfectly. Apparently, the ships that used to dock at the decaying Salem docks in the past must have carried too unusual cargoes.

The rats in the cemetery

Masson was occasionally shocked by the sheer proportions of these nests.

They made him remember fantastic tales he had heard upon arriving in the charming old town of Salem. They were tales that warned of an embryonic life that survived the dead; hiding in unknown corners underground; Gone are the days when Cotton Mather annihilated the dark cults and orgiastic ceremonies offered to Hecate and the creepy Magna Mater.

However, the macabre mansions still prevailed with your twisted attics, with fallen and eaten facades; in whose cellars, according to rumours; abominable secrets and rites against the law and logic still inhabited; While waving their white hair, the elders swore that, in the ancestral pantheons of Salem; things that were much worse than rats and worms lived under the ground…

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