In the first instalment we tell who this appearance was and where it appears today, however, there are several versions of the Legend of La Llorona, which we will detail below:

Other versions

According to several sources, the original history of La Llorona is located approximately a decade before the arrival of the Spanish in Aztec territory, in the year 1521.

Cihuacóatl or Tonantzin

Fray Diego Durán, one of the Spanish evangelizers. Realized that the Aztec emperor Montezuma II was worried about dreams that announced the end of his reign. The emperor heard stories about a woman who was crying and moaning. This lady left Lake Texcoco, on which was the legendary Tenochtitlán. He charged his subjects to find out the reason for her pain.

The Legend

The story also reached Fray Bernardino de Sahagún. The natives assured this friar that at night this woman would shout: “My little children, we have to go far away!”. And other times: “My little children, where will I take you?”. The lament was believed to refer to his attempt to save the natives from the massacre to come, with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Fray Bernardino named the woman Cihuacóatl (snake woman) or Tonantzin (our mother).

After the conquest by the Spanish, there was still talk of the appearance of women. Although then the story became the legend that we have already told.


On the other hand, this lady is said to have committed suicide after drowning her little ones by jumping into the river. Days later, the body was discovered by a fisherman, who quickly went looking for relatives of the occisa.

Consequently, finding no one, the man decided to give him a Christian burial. Despite this, the soul of La Llorona left the rustic tomb on the third day and from then on all the townspeople began to hear the loud cries of the woman who will never find eternal rest.

Unfaithful men

There is another version in which they indicate that the legend of La Llorona appears to men who stay up late or cheat on their wives.

First it is shown as a beautiful woman who is dipping her pretty hair with river water. However, the instant he senses that his victim is close, he quickly turns around revealing a terrifying face where there is virtually no meat left, but simply bones and some hanging skin.

The Legend

How to protect yourself from la llorona?

There are several ways to protect yourself from the cry-baby’s attack. They say that La Llorona is very tricky and deceives her victims to keep their lives, that’s why when she is heard close, she is actually very far away, and vice versa. However, it is also said that if you hear the scream, you should try to move and not freeze with dread. The person has to flee before hearing the third scream, or La Llorona will take it away.

It is said that La Llorona attacks especially people who have underwear turned inside out because they believe that this is a brand of bad men, and that a man stalked by La Llorona will be saved if a woman takes him by the hand, for the spectre only attacks men who are lonely or who have mistreated women.

That is to say, if they walk alone at night and, especially, if they are men who have broken the heart of a woman. Be very careful with La Llorona!

We hope that this second and last instalment of “The Legend of La Llorona” has been to your liking and that you do not stop reading week after week the different terrifying stories that we will bring you.

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