The dragons mouth is a very showy plant of little size that forms a thicket. It is a species of plant of the plantagin family, native to the Mediterranean. To clarify, it is born from Morocco, Portugal and southern France, to eastern Turkey and Syria. Its flowers are what give the plant its name since they are shaped like a dragon’s mouth or nose.

Also, if you press them lightly on the sides with your fingers, the flower opens as if it were a mouth. Without a doubt the colours of the flowers are very varied. In other words, they range from white to purple, going through yellows, pinks or oranges. It grows in areas where there are uneven stones and reliefs. Consequently, the climate must be temperate, since it cannot bear the cold.

Dragons Mouth


Dragon’s mouth is a medicinal plant that has qualities is topical emollient. Antiphlogistic, decisive. Astringent, detersive, antiscorbutic, hepatic, diuretic. It is certainly effective against inflammation, since it is used for haemorrhoids. It has been used in gargles against ulcerations of the oral cavity. Internally in colitis and heartburn. Externally, like poultices, on erythemas.

In the same sense, this plant is used to treat conditions such as haemorrhoids, colitis and diarrhoea, ulcers in the mouth, heartburn, erythema, boils, eczema, sores, wounds, cracked skin, abscesses.

Other names

It is also known as: Mouth gag, snapdragon, calf, lion’s mouth, dragon’s mouth, lion’s mouth, dragon’s mouthpiece, calf’s head, carnation.

Preparation for gargling and poultices


100 grams of fresh dragon’s mouth flowers and leaves

1 litre of boiling water.

Dragon's Mouth



First the litre of water is boiled, then the flowers are added and after that it is boiled for 3 minutes. Later it is strained and it is allowed to cool.

In short, this infusion should be applied several times to the affected area.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to drink this infusion because there are no specific or serious contraindications to the use of the dragons mouth. Therefore, you should only use it externally on any affected body area.

Remember to consult the doctor before starting to use home remedies to avoid negative health effects.