Sisal Towers were abandoned for 48 years, and they are described as a place that attracts death. They are located in Venezuela. Barquisimeto, capital city of Lara state, in the center-west of the country. The site is also known as «the springboard of death».

To date it has been attributed more than 60 suicides from its towers. Shadows in the fit, witchcraft and disappearances make Sisal one of the most disturbing places in all of Barquisimeto.

Sisal Towers – History

Sisal Towers were a construction that was carried out 48 years ago during the government of President Carlos Andrés Pérez in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

The history tells us that the project had 10 buildings with 25 floors each. It is said that they were paralyzed due to prevention errors, such as the instability of the land and the structural failure of any seismic evaluation. Also because the contractor ran out of funds and could not continue with the construction.

Las torres de sisal

How did it start?

The owner of such contractor invested all his savings in its construction, as the project did not work, he went bankrupt.

When he saw himself with nothing, he threw himself into the void and from these towers. Since that time many people have committed suicide in the same way, registering approximately 60 people. That is why Sisal Torres were named as “The springboard dyed with blood”.

Many indicate that when they go to the side of the building, they can hear whispers, laughs, and screams, which they believe are coming from the souls in sorrow that threw themselves from such construction.

In the same way inhabitants of the area comment that in this place and because of its condition of abandonment, it is more feasible to be used for evil things, rituals, abortions, and many other spooky things, remaining these energies chained to the place.

Las torres de sisal

People who are depressed and approach this area hear voices encouraging them to throw themselves from the building to end their life. In some cases, firefighters and police have managed to save several people from committing suicide.


In these towers, satanic rituals have been carried out since oracles, animals slaughtered, among other things have been found, all this originated by a satanic group that operates in the area and that work with the spirits in pain of the people who have taken their own lives in this place.

It should be noted that government after government has wanted to continue the construction and have invested large sums, but it still has remained stagnant.

In recent years the government invested large amounts and did not advance the project so they decided not to invest more. Other private companies have wanted to take it up again, but they say that during their short visits “something scares them” and they have decided to change their minds.


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