As there are rituals and prayers, there are also colors that attract money. When we are in contact with the energy of these colors, we attract good vibrations. Therefore, our finances flow better and we attract money. After all, money is not the most important thing in our lives, but it greatly influences the things that are.

On the other hand, colors cause different emotions, so they are used with special care by interior designers, graphic designers, fashion professionals and others.

Here we will show you what these colors are, and how you can use them to attract money, so you never go without it!

Colors that attract money


Yellow is the famous color of luck. It has been used since ancient times by kings in their clothes and objects due to its power to attract wealth and fortune. Even today it is used in New Year’s Eve rituals to attract prosperity. It should be used in moderation because its misuse inspires pride.

Tip: If you have a business in the ​​food field such as a restaurant or a cafeteria, you could paint some walls of your business this color, and you will always have customers.


It is the color of sensuality and love. However, it also gives us the security to get what we want. When it is overused it can attract aggressiveness. Its use is considered very useful when facing economic problems.

Tip: If you go to a job interview it is important that you wear a red garment. For example a scarf or necklace, as it will make your interviewer see you as a self-confident person. Therefore it will help you to be hired.

Colors that attract money


This color is born from the combination of red and yellow, so it  presents the benefits of both. Although it is not as strong as red, nor as dim as yellow, it makes the perfect balance between the two, helping us to attract  the energy of money in a more spiritual way. It is used in rituals to attract abundance, using fruits such as tangerine.

Tip: You can incorporate them in the home through floral arrangements, fruits, towels and tablecloths.


This color, like yellow, has been used since ancient times. The pharaohs used to paint their urns this color believing that in their next life, they would make them prosperous.

Tip: It is recommended to have decorative objects of this particular color at home, as well as near the place where money is kept.

Colors that attract money


It is a color that is associated with the energy of mother earth, solidity and stability. It symbolizes the fertile soil.

Tip: To increase money, choose a brown leather wallet. No doubt this material will work effectively to replenish and increase finances.

We hope you have liked this list of colors that attract money. Do you know any other color that does? Leave us your comments.


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