The most powerful zodiac sign

The most powerful zodiac sign doesn’t really exist, but there are a few signs that show distinctive features that define a personality, making a few stand out from the crowd, leaving others behind. 2019 is represented by 3 very powerful signs: Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Below are some details about them.


March 21 to April 20

Those born under the influence of this sign are characterized by being born leaders. They fight and stay strong when they set out to pursue a goal. They don’t allow themselves to be dominated by anyone. They are extremely intense and have an indomitable spirit. This can turn them into great tyrants, but they are very skilled at exercising power.

However, they are quite rebellious and impulsive, this makes them get one or another enemy. They analyse everything and are not afraid to speak in public, or say what they think.

Their weakness though is that they are too stubborn and difficult to convince, since they believe that they are always right.

The most powerful zodiac


October 23 to November 22

This water sign is characterized by the intensity of the emotions they present in certain situations. In adversity they are powerful, strong and good fighters. They are very critical and may be too arrogant sometimes. Therefore, in daily life, friction and problems may arise. Scorpio are moved by their passion for their objectives. In love, they also have a strong character, they are very passionate and dedicated to their partners. What makes a Scorpio powerful is dedication, focus, perseverance and the ability to achieve their goals.

The most powerful zodiac


December 22 to January 19

Capricorn always knows what they want and their perseverance lead them to success. That is why they always reach the highest positions and hierarchies, they are ideal and fair bosses. All this due to their high level of honesty. They tend to be strict and have great ambition to keep control and strong desire for authority. They are 100% motivated to be better and work every day to achieve it. On the other hand, they are one of the most disciplined signs, reaching excellence in everything they do and setting a role model for others.

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