Numerology: What is it?

Numerology is understood as the study of the meaning of numbers and their relation with everything around us. Its study was popular among the first mathematicians. Numerology is a science used by tarotists and astrologers to relate to numbers and explain or solve problems.

Different techniques are usually used to obtain the number associated with each of us, through which we can understand our love situation or how to improve in love, our life, our mission in the world and even our future.

Numerology uses numbers from 1 to 9. And the master numbers that are 11, 22, 33,44. Each number represents a particular energy. But nevertheless, because this topic is very extensive, we will only address our personal number in this article.

Numerology: The personal number

The personal number, also called the destination number, is the one that assigns you the universe through your date of birth. Day, month and year. This number defines our character, who we are.

Numerology: How can we calculate our personal number?

To calculate your personal number, you must add the full date of your birth until you reach a figure between 1 and 9. For example, if you were born on March 21, 1999:

1.- You must break down the numbers of such date and add them

2 + 1 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 34

2.- And if it gives you a 2-digit number, you must add them to a single figure.

3 + 4 = 7


Numerology: Meanings

Number. 1:

This number governs mind and brain, meaning that your personality is intellectual, radiant, dynamic and bright. At home, you strive to be good spouses and better parents, enjoy the family life and all that means. Enthusiast, daring, reckless, number 1 often lives boldly or dreams about it throughout their lives.

Number 2:

Gentle, kind and humble character. Their tact, diplomacy and consideration towards others earn them the esteem and appreciation of the people who know them, who feel comforted in their presence. Meticulous, orderly and analytical, conscientious and selective, they have a highly developed perception and usually weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision.

Number 3:

Brilliant, witty, artistic and multifaceted, they have an agile and penetrating mind that easily dominates any study or activity and as they belong to one of the most talented vibrations, they are not only variable in the realization of their projects, but also with their feelings. Number 3 loves everything that comes to their hands, the unknown, the exciting, they love to always start over.

Number 4:

Optimistic, this type of personality harbors deep feelings and ideals and when they are dedicated to a project, they put into operation all their work capacity and great perseverance to achieve their objective. Observers, silent and reserved, they like clear things. They are calm and temperate people who don’t show much of their feelings.

Number  5:

The eternal traveler, connoisseur of people and places, the explorer, everything new fascinates number 5. They don’t resist the routine and are always on the move. Number 5 is related to the rest of the numbers because it is in the center of the matrix formed by the first nine digits and has access to all.

Number  6:

Romantic, idealistic and extremely sensitive, they are vulnerable people who are often not prepared to face the struggles and problems of daily life. Logical and practical, the people of this Vibration demonstrate a strong common sense that helps them make fair and balanced decisions in their daily and family affairs.

Number 7:

7 cannot stand weak people who are afraid to face the struggles, they value bravery. They may offer help to those who fight and are defeated, but they will never do the same to those who surrender without fighting. In general, they are kind, full of noble feelings. They own a great capacity for reflection, which allows them to generally use common sense in their actions.

Number  8:

They are astute and sagacious and in everything they undertake, they intend to win and dominate and for that reason, they not only put all their effort into it, but often use or manipulate people using their endless strength and magnetism. They are the best guides of the entire Numerological Scale and always convince people to do what they want.

Number  9:

Personality 9 is distinguished by its interesting ability to give quick and brilliant responses, even to the most depressed and indecisive individuals. It is very difficult to be better than a 9 in a dialogue and in the verbal game. Their intelligence has a great capacity for observation and they see everything that happens around them. This allows them to develop quick and bright answers, so it never goes bad.

We hope this was useful to calculate your personal number and  its meaning. If you have any doubts about it, write us a comment!.