Pagan symbols are a mixture of beliefs that arose before Judeo-Christianity. Pagans worshiped idols considered false or even evil. Paganism is a polytheistic agglomeration of many religious practices based primarily on the combination of the Earth and its cycles.

For paganism there is no absolute representation that should be worshiped or feared, contrary to what happens in monotheistic religions such as Catholicism or Christianity. Paganism thus includes witches, polytheists, occultists among others.

Pagan symbols, unite the material to the spiritual, also the human to the cosmic, and remind us of all the transcendenty.

It is considered that they unite all the orders of reality, which then extends from the natural to the supernatural.

Symbols allow to pass from one reality to the other. They maintain a material and spiritual duality, where a concrete reality leads to a hidden truth.

They are historically related to what is censored, and often “diabolical.”

 Pagan symbols considered as protection:

There is a great variety of pagan symbols. It can be said that each culture or belief has its symbols, amulets or objects to which people throughout history have clung to and which they attribute supernatural or miraculous properties to.


This is one of the strongest protection charms that exist. It is believed that it shows to the person who is wearing it, the path to inner light and wisdom. This symbol represents perfection, happiness and perfect marriage. It is a balancer between energies and forces.

The Pentagram or tetragrammaton, has as it meaning the domination of the human spirit over nature.

Before this symbol, the demons tremble.

It is a talisman of total protection.

Placed on the threshold of the door with the top point inward and the two lower angles outward, it stops the passage of bad energy at home.

Tree of life:

Pagan symbols

It is also known as the Tree of Knowledge, or the Tree of the World, or Cosmic Tree. It unites heaven and earth, and represents the entire creation.

The Tree of Life was known as the Crann bethadh.

The life of the human being was related in a very intimate way with the forests. The forest provides shelter, protection, animals for hunting, water to stock up… Some trees, such as oak, were sacred elements, to which the Celts had great respect.

The tree composes the three axes in which the cosmos is divided: The underground, by its roots. The earthly, by its trunk. And the celestial, by its branches. Therefore, the tree is the axis of the world, the connection between the earth and heaven.

The tree is born from Mother Earth, where all life comes from. It was also represented with birds that perched on its branches. They were considered higher states to the being. There used to be twelve birds, which reminds us of zodiac beliefs. There were also, next to the birds, fruits. Twelve fruits, which symbolized the regeneration of life on earth.

The fig sign:

Also called fig or hand of power.

 The icon represents a hand gesture, in which the hand remains closed forming a fist, but with the tip of the thumb peeking between the middle and index fingers.

As an amulet, the Fig is associated with protection against the evil eye especially for children and older adults, the power to attract wealth and promote the fertility of couples.

The Eye of Horus or Udyat:

It is an ancient talisman, its origin dates back to Egyptian mythology. Its Egyptian name translates as “he who is complete” or “the restored unit.”

 Among the colors it is represented by is white, and symbolically it is linked to the Sun and eternity.

Vegvisir compass:

Magical symbol of Celtic origin that is believed to guide people during a day of bad weather and poor visibility.

It is a mystical and spiritual symbol that helps not to twist in the straight path to follow in life.


Pagan symbols

The Ankh is the cross of the Egyptians, also considered as the Key of Life and Death.

In hieroglyphs, Ankh means life.

It symbolizes the creative power of infinity.

An Ankh combines the male and female symbols of Osiris (the cross) and Isis (the oval) and, therefore, means the union of heaven and earth, of the Goddess and God.

The Ankh is widely used by pagans because of its mystical meaning of eternal life and divine union.

The Ansata Cross Amulet is used to counteract the following negative effects:

Confusion, weakness, darkness as well as poisoning.

Finally, I came across a curious Celtic symbol:

The Sigil:

This is undoubtedly the most mysterious Celtic symbol because it cannot be represented, and you will think how is this possible? Well, Sigil is a blank canvas.

Each person can create a different Sigil, that is, a personified symbol.

It is formed by lines drawn intuitively and freely by the person who needs to represent a concern, a desire or a specific goal. So for this to take effect, a basic ritual would have to be followed, adding elements of magic. Within Celtic symbology it is considered the most powerful and mysterious sign.

Would you dare to create your personal Sigil?

Pagan symbols