Abundant Angel:

The Abundant Angel is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, prosperity and fortune. Therefore, her attribute is a cornucopia “horn of plenty” with which she distributes grain and money. After the Roman occupation of France, she has remained in French folklore as Lady Hobunde.

The Goddess Abundance is a Roman Goddess, who personifies prosperity and good fortune. On the coins of later Roman emperors she is frequently depicted pointing to a cornucopia. To clarify she shakes her gifts, by means of it at the same time indicating the liberality of the emperor or empress.

Ángel abundia

Consequently, she can be compared to Domina Abundia (Habone the Lady of Notre Dame d’Abondance). In a similar way appears in the poems of the Middle Ages, a charitable Fairy, who brought abundance to those she visited.

Invocation of the angel abundia:

Abundant Angel

Beautiful abundia, I want to be like you, carefree and full of faith that my needs have been met in every way.

Help me replace any worries about money with joy and gratitude. In the same way, help me open my arms so that heaven can help me easily. Thank you for your guidance, your gifts and your protection.

I am really grateful, very happy and satisfied.

Consequently, I now let you go and relax knowing that you will take care of me completely, immediately and in the future.

Prayer to the angel of abundance

Bring us all your abundance abound.

Bring us streams of your riches,

Serenity to have them and divine love to obtain them.

Bring us the faith of your wealth, your great abundance, give us wealth of thought,

Of feeling.

Bring us your fresh fruits, lady,

Give us vegetables, bring us sweetness.

Bring us also blessed gold,

Give us your stones, rubies, sapphires.

your prosperity.

Open the coffers, bring out your horn of plenty

In addition, open the key of the spring, flowing jets, give us and bathe us above all with the supreme love of God, with the fervour of prayer, with so much faith, security, prosperity, from the hands of God.

Abundia, abundia, abundia, great angelic being,

From abundance we ask you with love,

May you listen with great fervour to this prayer of petition.

We thank you lady abundia,

May you bring an abundance of new plans and new things,

All blessed by God our loving Lord.


Prayer of gratitude to abundance

Thank you, angel abundia.

For blessing my home.

bringing us abundance of love and prosperity.

For your rays of light that illuminate our faith.

your sweetness, for your tenderness.

Above all, remain angel abundia on our side covering us with your wings.

Make our hearts gold and our thoughts like diamonds, shine and fill our dreams.

Thank you, angel abound, for dwelling in my house and through your coffers, pouring out the blessings of abundance to all who ask for your help.

Thank you, abundia, because with your golden keys you open the doors to our well-being.


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