Cinnamon incense: Where does it come from?

The cinnamon incense has a very sweet and penetrating aroma. Cinnamon comes from a tree called cinnamon tree. Therefore, cinnamon is extracted from its bark and is used as a spice for food, cosmetics, toiletries and even to make cinnamon incense of exceptional quality.

Consequently, burning incense is a tradition used by all ancient civilizations. Certain aromas, used correctly, alter our mood and the results obtained are generally quite good.


Cinnamon incense is mentioned in some passages of the Bible and in Sanskrit manuscripts. In the first years of its commercialization it had a very high price, only privileged people could have access to this aromatic bark.

It is said in history books that Cinnamon was used to pay taxes and as money, until with the discovery of America and the arrival of other spices from the New World it began to lose its commercial value, but not its precious place in the kitchen.

Deity related to cinnamon incense

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, plays an important role in the aroma of Cinnamon, as she is considered to be its deity. This is how in the esoteric world this plant is related to love, romance, sensuality, and sweetness.

That is why on the one hand, this incense is related to attract the couple, enliven love, remain united, and even achieve a reconciliation.

Cinnamon incense: Uses

Cinnamon incense has been used since ancient times in China for its ability to attract positive energies: It provides love, peace, prosperity, protection, attracts money and happiness.

In ancient times, it was used as a relaxant by rural mothers to put children to sleep when they went to the fields to work. Also one of the medicinal benefits that cinnamon provides is that when there are abrasions on the tongue from eating or drinking hot things, the cinnamon stick is sucked or licked to sedate the pain and heal the taste buds. In addition, to help impotence, in the case of men.

It is one of the most famous and easy to find incenses on the market. Many believe that it is linked to passion, sexual desire, and lust.

In the same way, it can be used for intimate encounters. Cinnamon is also recommended especially for those who, for some reason, need to raise their energies.

Cinnamon incense: Rituals

Cinnamon incense

Against negative energies at home

To purify the house and thus keep negative energies away, burning cinnamon incense generates a beneficial smoke that drives away everything that can harm us.

If we place a small stick of cinnamon on the door of the house it will protect us from bad omens and envy.

Against negative energies in us

When what we want is to end the negative energies in our body, first we will boil a chopped cinnamon stick for five or ten minutes. Second, we will fill the bathtub with hot water and pour the cinnamon preparation into it.

Subsequently, we will rub the whole body with the water. Let the body dry by itself for ten minutes. It is important to do this bath once a month to be protected from negative energies.

Ritual to enliven love


1 red candle.

3 cinnamon sticks.

1 red ribbon.

White paper.

1 black pen.


We will start by lighting the red candle while we visualize our loved one. Concentrate all your attention for a couple of minutes on the flame.

Now take the paper and write both your name and their name.

Roll the sheet as if it were a tube and with the help of the red ribbon tie it.

Close one end by folding the paper inward.

Insert the three cinnamon sticks on the other side and close it as in step four.

Take the paper and place it between your chest while you express: “May the magic of this cinnamon for love create a tie between the two of us, so that it is a pure and strong love, I thank the universe for attending my request, as long as it must be so, it will be so”.

To finish, put the tube under your bed until that person is by your side.

Ritual with chocolate, sugar and cinnamon to attract customers


A jar with a wide mouth

7 chocolate coins




Blank page

Yellow ribbon


First, start by placing the name of your business on the page and around it draw something that symbolizes the sun. Second, when it is ready, roll it up and tie it up with the yellow ribbon.

Subsequently, continue placing the 7 chocolate coins and the page inside the jar. Add a few dashes of honey, sugar, and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

When it is ready, place this jar inside your premises, but in a place that your customers cannot see it. And that’s it.

With this ritual, you will be able to attract more customers to your business and you will be able to get rid of bad energies and call the good ones.

Attract money with cinnamon incense


A handful of green stones

A coin

Three yellow candles in a glass

A stick of cinnamon incense


First, make a triangle with the stones, placing one of the candles on each side. Second, in the center place the coin, light the candles, and the incense stick. Perform your financial request out loud, repeating it 3 times. Let the candles and incense burn out and extinguish. Later, get ready to receive what you want.

For good luck

On the other hand, it is effective to carry a cinnamon stick in your purse or bag, which undoubtedly should be wrapped with a cloth and tied with a red thread.

Benefits of cinnamon incense

House purifier

Attracts love and prosperity

For good luck

Attracts fortune


Increases body energy

Opens the fourth chakra

Promotes concentration

Turns negative into positive

Home protector

Helps to find love

Helps with relationship problems

Clairvoyance and divination

Energy, strength, and endurance.