Sacred codes for love can help you change your love life, attract a partner or improve your relationship if you recite them with faith and heart. In this article we bring you everything you need to know to put them into practice and that all the desires regarding love, that you need at this time, materialize. Keep reading.

Sacred Codes: What are they?

They are numerical sequences that vibrate at a certain frequency, resounding with higher energies that put the possibility of healing different conflicts, fears, diseases, and imbalances at our level.

The Sacred codes represent magical combinations that activate the universal energy. Channelled in the right way, by repeating them they open doors that have been blocked for a long time and help us to achieve things that we have not been able to achieve otherwise.

Holy Codes: History

These codes date from the time of Atlantis, which had been used by the Atlanteans and which after their disappearance were rendered useless, making them available to us again in our times. These number codes were based on mysterious maths that actually belongs to other dimensions.

It is worth noting that there are not only sacred codes for love. There are also others for prosperity, health and money. Each of these codes must be repeated 45 times.

The most used sacred codes for love

Sacred Codes for Love

571 To facilitate soulmate connection

715400 To attract our soul mate

11550 To attract the love of your life

541 To strengthen the love between couples

70 Angel of Love

12000 Related Soul

35133 Code of Universal Love

How does the process of reciting the sacred codes work?

When a sacred code is recited, an almost immediate response is obtained because the energy of the being of light that is invoked, merges with that of the person who recites the sacred code.

It is essential that when invoking them you really believe in it and do it with all your heart and soul. Your soul must vibrate in high frequency, with a lot of faith and hope, without having any kind of bad energies.

For those who do not understand the term high frequency: It means being peaceful, harmonious, happy, without any worry or sadness.

Consequently, it is advisable before reciting it to prepare ourselves for it. First we must be at peace and calm, ideally after a meditation or yoga class. Secondly, we must have a suitable place without distractions. You can position yourself as you wish sitting, with incense, but comfortable.

Remember that you will get in touch with beings of light, which help to channel the code as such so that the desired materializes.

A necklace, bracelet, or Japamala can be used to keep track of the 45 repetitions for each sacred code we repeat.

Later we must recite them with faith and with the heart visualizing what we want. If you get used to the vibration of these numbers, you will tune into Higher Dimensions and develop psychic faculties such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and intuition.

Japamala, what is it?

A Japamala is a way to keep track of the number of repetitions of a mantra. It can be used as a bracelet or necklace. It is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism to recite mantras or the name or names of a deity. As well as it is used to recite the sacred codes.

It is called Japamala for the purpose for it is created, that is, to pray in a low voice or inwardly, which in Sanskrit is said Japa. Mala means garland. Most have 108 accounts, but 45 are also available.

Códigos sagrados para el amor

At present you can see some whose beads, the balls, are minerals of various types. They are seen of this type mainly because there are those who choose to make their own Japa Mala, and they usually buy the beads that are used for other necklaces.

What happens if we are not in high frequency when we recite?

If the people who recite the sacred codes are not in high states or frequencies to invoke beings of light, what is achieved is to send these people to visit entities of quite different frequencies and sometimes even be affected by them.

Why should they be recited 45 times?

They must be repeated 45 times each time, because this is a number of manifestation, with the Intention of Love from your heart, that is what generates the change. Furthermore, by insisting on 45 times the internal impact is profound.

The Sacred Codes have no contraindications

 It is likely that there may be an isolated case that is logically the exception, where someone has a “negative” reaction. But this reaction is not because of the Code itself, but because of its powerful action that is removing blockages that come not only from it but from other existences.


Times to be repeated: The sacred code must be repeated (45) times.

Ways to pronounce it: The way to pronounce it is irrelevant, we can say the whole number or number by number.

“For example: If 11550 is to be recited. You can say Eleven thousand five hundred fifty, or separately one, one, five, five, zero”. It will have the effect you want either way.

Ways and times to recite them: They can be recited aloud or mentally, at any time and as many times as desired.

In order not to lose count, you can use a necklace or bracelet with exactly 45 beads.

The number of days they are recited depends on each person, but generally, they are done until what we are asking for is manifested.

Reciting on behalf of another person: You must have the intention and say that I apply this code on behalf of (mention the person) and the receiving soul will receive the request.

If you want to incorporate the Sacred Codes into your life, you must understand that it is a resource that must be trusted, with the soul. These codes belong to the Kingdom of the Heart, and they only work for those who vibrate at that frequency.