How to read the hand: Reading the hand, also known as “palmistry”, is an activity that is practiced around the world. Its origins go back to Indian astrology and Roman divination.The goal is to assess the character and future of a person by studying the palm of their hand. Whether you aspire to do it professionally or are looking for a fun way to pass the time and impress your friends, you can learn it just by taking someone’s hand.

How to read the hand

How to read the hand:

Choose a hand.

In the hand reading the following is said:

  • For women, what they brought at birth is seen on the right hand, and what they have accumulated in life on the left.
  • For men, what they brought at birth is seen on the left hand, and what they have accumulated in life on the right.
  • With this in mind, you can also choose the dominant hand to see the present and past life (therefore, the hand that is not dominant would be the hand to see the future of life).
    • There are different currents of thought on the matter. Some currents say that the left hand shows the potential of the person and what he or she could become, not necessarily what he or she will be in the future. And a difference in the hands could mean that you are about to take action when it comes to your life, changing it
How to read the hand

Identify the four main lines.

There are many folds on the hands and they can be short, but at least three of them are always present.

Heart line: It refers to the capacity for love, affections, sexuality, joys, emotions, delusions, depressions. If it is long and without interruptions, it would indicate couple loyalty. In case of if it is red and deep it would indicate passion, if it is strongly drawn it would speak of someone lucky in love. If it presents interruptions, islands, chips, it would indicate a difficult, changing emotional life, deceit.

Headline: It is associated with talent, thoughts, ability, intelligence. If it is well drawn and deep, it points to someone very intelligent. If it is weak or short it could point to someone with limited mental abilities. The straighter the more realistic the person would be, and the deeper the more memory would reflect. If you have a lot of curves, you would be talking about someone superficial, who cannot keep their attention for long.

Life line: It would indicate: Vital force, ability to overcome obstacles and diseases. It is generally believed that its length indicates the years to live, but it is not. If it is long and thick it would indicate strength and vitality. Short and weak, it would indicate predisposition to diseases, fragility.

Fate line: it would show how much the facts influence your life. If it is deep, you could control your destiny more. If it changes in direction or have interruptions, it would point a life with radical changes that cannot be foreseen or controlled.

How to read the hand!