Haircut by the moon 2020: Moon calendars and biodynamic are good for farmers to decide the best time for each task. They are also useful for choosing the day to have hair cut or shave.

Haircut by the moon

How did they work?

If your New Year goals include having spectacular hair, adding volume, accelerating growth or gaining vitality, you have to know that the moon can become your best ally.

Yes, as you read! The influence of each phase can create the energy needed to achieve your goal.

As farmers do for planting, pruning and harvesting their fruits, or fishermen before throwing themselves into the sea, learn to consult the most favourable days of each month.

It is important to note that not all of the same phases in a month are propitious, because of the square they have with other celestial bodies.

Therefore, here it is a complete guide for you to schedule your next appointment with your trusted stylist so that you have your haircut by the moon:

FIRST – New Moon:

If you are trying to strengthen your hair, make it grow more abundantly, this is the propitious phase for that.

SECOND – Waxing Moon:

These are the best days to stimulate accelerated hair growth.

THIRD – Waning Moon:

Hair cut during this moon phase will retain its style for longer as it will slow its growth.

FOURTH – Full moon:

It is also suitable for getting a haircut if you are trying to add volume or to make the first haircut to your baby.

Haircut by the moon

Hair care according to the moon calendar

The full moon symbolizes regeneration. Therefore, this moon phase is the one that encourages the regeneration and repair of hair. Care treatments and conditioners are especially effective in this phase between the new moon and full moon.

Influence of the zodiac signs: The days of Aquarius are especially propitious to hair washing. Hair treatments are ideal during the constellations of Aries and Sagittarius.

Hair coloring according to the moon calendar

The body, skin and hair are at their peak in the waning phase. That is when we can achieve a better result with hair colour changes.