Weekly Horoscope I March

Here is the Weekly Horoscope I March. Check your Horoscope corresponding to week I, where you will get the best predictions, so you can make the right decisions during the week.

Weekly Horoscope I March

Aries: March 21 to April 20

It is time to evaluate all those situations in your life that you already overcame and that somehow caused you some kind of crisis or instability in past days. This new moon phase invites you to awaken and evolve so that you are in the place where you need to be and get on the right path towards what you want to achieve.

Weekly Horoscope I March

Taurus: April 21 to May 20

It is a very favourable month to achieve a stable and passionate relationship, so it is time to highlight all your attributes so that you set out to conquer the desired person. Your great leadership skills will open the doors at your work to lead a group of people who will be satisfied with your new promotion.

Weekly Horoscope I March

Gemini: May 21 to June 21

You will feel the need to express your most essential and conscious side to others. You will face some days of crisis due to some beliefs that are not the most indicated to advance; however, it will be necessary that during this moon phase you feel the need to let go of them so that your course changes and you leave aside the fanaticism for some things that are not important for your life.

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Cancer: June 22 to July 22

During this moon phase, listen to what is asked of you, which is to adapt to new forms of communication. You need to move forward with technology so you are not left behind. Put aside those old concepts that are no longer valid and are not useful at this point in your life.

Weekly Horoscope I March

Leo: July 23 to August 23

This week those born under Leo sign will have a good time to be more supportive with their loved ones. That rough and strong character that characterizes Leo does not allow him to move forward to smooth things over and create a more cordial atmosphere on a family level. It is your responsibility to allow things to improve or not.

Weekly Horoscope I March

Virgo: August 24 to September 22

Holidays are coming up in your family environment as you will be celebrating the arrival of a new member to the family. This unexpected arrival will bring some inconvenience, but also happiness. See more the bright side of circumstances than the problems they can bring. There’s always a solution.

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Libra: September 23 to October 22

Start the week with strength and start putting your feet on the ground. Pay attention to your sixth sense and intuition, which goes beyond your experiences. Victimizing yourself will not improve some situations, so you need to live your inspirational moments to the fullest with music and art, expecting nothing in return from others.

Horóscopo Semana V Abril

Scorpio: October 23 to November 22

Sometimes the character of Scorpios does not favour any type of negotiation since they are carried away by impulsivity and their bad character, a situation that no person is willing to accept. So it is time to dose that poisonous attitude that leaves nothing good but the others’ rejection. It’s okay to show yourself as you are, but not everything you say is taken as something good by others.

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Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21

You will live important and momentous moments for you and your family group. It could be talking about receiving an inheritance or a better economic position for some prize received, so you will feel how energies are lightened and therefore the environment becomes much more optimistic for those born under Sagittarius sign and you will recover your happy prospects. So enjoy that excitement.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

You will have a week full of hope and good news, so make the most of every situation that comes your way to improve your life status. Trust only those friends who have stood by your side through thick and thin and who have been special in some way.

Horóscopo Semana II Abril

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

You will be making plans this March to make a business trip that will open up endless financial opportunities, which will allow you to grow and get good profits. Do not forget where you come from and your humble essence, even if your economic position leads you to higher status.

Horóscopo Semana V Abril

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

You will live passionate moments with your partner since after a long time it is now when you can meet again. Break those taboos that somehow usually limit you and let yourself be carried away by the intensity of the moment without looking back. Then you will realize that each of them were truly intense and unforgettable.


March 2nd at 20:38:10 UT The Moon enters Scorpio
4th at 22:42:44 UT The Moon enters Sagittarius

6th at 1:30:10 UT LAST QUARTER
th at 02:20:17 UT The Moon enters Capricorn

The Moon in Scorpio: The transition from the moon to Scorpio strengthens you emotionally and gives you the opportunity to vindicate yourself with all those who somehow did not get along with you due to some external circumstance or that does not belong to you.

The Moon in Sagittarius: The moon in Sagittarius gives you a new opportunity to live an authentic and deep connection with your children since it was lost for some reason. Use the power of your mind to attract what you really want to live.

The Moon in Capricorn: The moon in Capricorn tells you to be more tolerant with your loved ones and to be more patient with older people. Remember that not everyone can become older, so respect each wrinkle and each grey hair.

Weekly Horoscope I March

March arrives and with it the wait for spring, a month full of positive energy with a waning moon that is characterized by being black as it gets dark to prepare to receive the New Moon and its image simulates a letter “C” if you look at it from planet earth.

It will be seen that its more illuminated side is diminishing; that is, decreasing. A moon that rises after midnight with a spirituality that affects the vast majority of people, and although this moon phase can indicate surrender, it is also related to growth, especially of everything that is sown.

Therefore, it is a good time to recharge and prepare to receive all the positive things that can be seen in this period for each zodiac sign, taking into account that from March 6th the maximum western elongation of Mercury will occur and that of Venus on March 20th; dates that you can make the most of to observe these planets and feel energetically in a higher plane.

Weekly Horoscope I March: Moment of reflection

Stop emotional dependence

Also known as affective or sentimental dependence, it usually becomes an addictive behaviour of any human being; that is, that need for affection that any person needs can become emotional dependence and damage any relationship. However, wanting to relate or bond with other people to feel loved does not represent something abnormal.

The dangerous and alarming thing here is when those affections become so necessary that when you don’t have them at hand, you can start to feel bad, empty, depressed and in some cases even unstable. This is when your self-esteem and strength are completely vulnerable and weakened.

Loving other people does not mean that you should stop loving yourself. Focus on your needs and do not try to please others to fit in. Think about yourself, take time and learn to be good and satisfied with yourself.

“Love is not dangerous, emotional dependence is.

Ulises Sánchez.