Clairaudience: What is it?

Clairaudience is the extrasensory ability that allows us to hear sounds that the common ear does not allow us to hear. In the same sense, many relate them to the voices of beings, whether they are angels, ghosts and others found on other planes.

Undoubtedly, when the person is discovering this ability, it may become stormy.

As a result, she doesn’t know how to turn off the voices. Therefore, the best technique to control this gift is meditation.

On the other hand, clairaudience is usually manifested by “voices inside the head.” In the same sense, this phenomenon can be accompanied by physical manifestations such as chills, in addition to tingling in some parts of the body or bristly skin due to its spiritual nature.


Tips to know if you have clairaudience

Did you have any paranormal encounters as a child?

If as a child you perceived sounds that seemed very real to you and even thought they spoke to you from your head, undoubtedly it is very possible that you have the gift of clairaudience and that these conversations have been with spirits.

You hear someone calling your name

If you hear someone say your name, like a whisper but it’s nobody, it can be a sign of clairaudience.

You hear things that others don’t

If sometimes you are with other people and perceive sounds that others cannot.

Desires for tranquility

You are sensitive to high volumes such as music or television.  It may be a sign of your abilities as a clairaudient.


The need to externalize

Because you always have a mental conversation with yourself, most of the time you need to externalize this conversation by speaking out loud.

Mood dependent creativity

When your mind is at ease, you have creative ideas. For example, in the moments that you are in the shower.

The Importance of music

Music is very important in your life. it inspires you and it takes away your stress.

You learn by listening

You like to listen more than anything else, to listen to stories, chronicles, radio, etc. Therefore, instead of reading a book you prefer audiobooks. And without a doubt, by listening you learn faster than with any other mode of learning.

You are the best advisor

Your friends and family believe you are the perfect advisor. Clairaudients are excellent at giving advice because they know many things and the messages get out of their mouth almost automatically since the connection with the spirits makes them wiser. Therefore, those who have this gift are usually counselors, therapists, trainers, nurses or work in a similar profession.

An exercise to develop clairaudience

Listening consciously

When you go to sleep and lying on your bed, listen carefully to all the sounds that you hear around you.

The sounds of passing cars, people talking, the sound of music. But when the noise is tuned, it dulls your perception and becomes less sensitive to your inner voice.

Some can be very subtle and barely noticeable. The goal here is really to increase your auditory perception

In short, we hope you have learned about clairaudience. Do you think you have it? Make your comments and specify your experiences!